Hollow Ground “Wither” Review


Hollow Ground is a fairly new post-hardcore band from Chicago, IL. The band signature sound is a mix of deep scream vocals and melodic parts. From their first single, it is apparent that the band has been influenced musically by hardcore heavy-hitters, such as Underoath and Like Moths to Flames.

Their debut single, “Wither” features harmonious drumming that keeps you wholly tuned to the song. The intense screams and heavy bass combine nicely, creating an overall great hardcore song. The emotional tone and musical complexity of “Wither” is sure to be aesthetically pleasing to anyone who enjoys the post-hardcore genre.

Their unique blend of hardcore sounds and strong melodic vocals is sure to captivate listeners into loving this new band as much as I do. Their deep lyrics and fast tempo keeps listeners’ ears wanting more, so hopefully Hollow Ground will come out with a new song very soon. As Hollow Ground continues to write and record, I hope they continue to add in some more low bass and dynamic sounds! Their new single “Wither” is available for free download on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/hollowgroundil?fref=ts), so send them a like to be updated with their latest songs and tour dates. Additionally, feel free to check out “Wither” on their YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQoL2w-u2jc). Plug in and Enjoy!


-Kristi K



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