Dead Harts Q&A


Back in spring Dead Harts toured with While She Sleeps. How big of a tour was it for you and how did you guys go about putting a set list together for it?

First voice: Oh man it was amazing! It was just one big party and the shows were insane! It was like a big bro-down every night. We know the Feed The Rhino boys very well too so it was good every night! Leicester was our favourite show by far, it was such an insane show! Absolutely packed too.

Your sound is a mixture of quite different genres, ranging from hardcore to punk. What genre would you guys class yourselves as?

Him: See I don’t really know what type of music we are, but that’s just my opinion. One persons opinion on hardcore might not be the same as another’s so I don’t really know. I just say that we’re angry! We’re a really abrasive, angry type of music. Bands like Norma Jean, Everytime I Die and bands like that do greatly influence our music.


As this is your first Ghostfest, are you guys looking forward to playing it?

Him: It’s sort of like home soil for us as Sheffield isn’t too far away. It’s in the same place as Slam Dunk isn’t it? I remember playing here last year. We’ve never played Ghostfest before so we are definitely excited to play it. It is a really big thing for us.


In October you guys will be hitting the road with The Devil Wears Prada. What kind of show can fans who are going out to the tour expect to see?

Him: It is the biggest show we’ve ever played. I’ve heard that Devil Wears Prada have an absolutely amazing stage presence. Napoleon are part of the tour too and we’re really good friends with them so I guess they can expect to see just a right good night with sick bands.


If you guys could organise your own festival like that of Ghostfest, what bands would you have play and what venue would you use to host it?

Him: I don’t know, it’s a toughie this one. I’d do it in Sheffield as a big outdoor festival. I’d have bands like Slayer, real big heavy bands playing in Dev in Sheffield.


We’re going to do ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’ now but Disney Princess style! You’ve got Belle, Ariel and Sleeping Beauty. Which one would you snog, marry and avoid?

Him: I’d avoid Sleeping Beauty because she’d be sleeping all the time wouldn’t she. Snog Ariel because well she’s half fish isn’t she so I couldn’t be dealing with being married to a half fish woman. And Belle I’d have to marry, she’s into bestiality isn’t she which could be a good thing, she could be very kinky!


2013 is half gone already, what plans have Dead Harts got lined up for the rest of this year?

Him: We’ve got stuff lined up that we can’t talk about just year, but we’re writing our new album at the moment which we have 6 songs for! After the Prada tour we’re going back into the studio for the album and we hope to have our album out late this year or early next year. We hope to go over to Canada and the US because our record label is based in Canada so we are hoping to tour over there early next year but we’re getting all the details under way for that this year.


-Emma D.


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