Chelsea Grin Q&A


You have a USA tour planned after this weekend’s festival. Do you find that the crowds are different in the UK than the USA?

Him: Honestly it’s not all that different. Both the UK and the US are very broad places with lots of different cities so you find in areas there’ll be different types of crowds and stuff but honestly it’s not really that different. I’ve noticed that we have started to get a name for ourselves over here though so in terms of the crowds over here the difference would be the size of the crowds we’re starting to get.

Your album “Evolve” has done quite well over here. What type of themes run throughout the album?

Him: It’s been great, we tried a little bit of something different. At first we had fans that loved it straight away but there were some who straight up hated it and it’s taken them a while to warm up to it. Over time during the live shows the crowds have been getting louder and louder singing the songs every day so it does seem to be doing great and I do love playing the material live.


You guys have been around quite a while now. Out of all the material that you guys have up your sleeve, do you have any particular favourites that you love to play live?

I like a little bit of everything from all of the music we’ve had. But one of my favourite older songs to play live is Recreant definitely.


Ghostfest is quite a big festival over here in the UK for heavy music lovers. What bands are you looking forward to catching this weekend and hanging out with?

Well one of the bands I’ve seen this weekend is ‘Thy Art Is Murder’. They’re really good friends of ours so it was good to see them live and hang out with them again!


On the subject of festivals, if you could organise your own festival, let’s say “Grin Fest”, who would you have for the line up? You can have literally any body from any genre of music.

I dont’ know where I’d do it, that’s quite hard. But i’d probably do Slipknot for one day, Linkin Park the next, add some Metallica or Deathtones in the mix. Those bands would be part of my dream festival for sure.


As you guys have been together many years, do you feel that your music or creative processes have matured over time?

Well I hope so at least. I definitely feel as though over time our music has grown in maturity. When the band first started I was 17 and I’m 22 now so we hope to keep trying new things and just keep getting better.


What plans do you guys have for the rest of the year, any that involve the UK perhaps?

We hope to get into the studio mid November but before that we have the American All Stars tour which is headlined by Everytime I Die. That pretty much closes out the year for us though but we do hope to have a little break before we go on that tour as we fly back home tomorrow!

-Emma D.


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