Chronographs Q&A


So, Hi guys! How has your year been so far then as we’re already half way through 2013?!
John: Well we released our EP in January and ever since then we’ve been doing some exciting stuff. We’ve been trying to push our content out, went on tour and now it’s festival season.

Ben: We’ve got a lot of festivals still to come and  a tour so that’s pretty much our year lined up.

How did you guys start Chronographs? What’s the story of how you guys met?

John: We all met in high school when we were about 15 and then in about 2010 we joined together to form Chronographs.

Tom: Yeah, we started writing music together from when we were about 15 and it went from there really.

So who were your ideal bands back then? What bands did you look up and want to be in?

Tom: I always wanted to be in The Dillinger Escape Plan from when I was younger.

John: I was a big Avenged Sevenfold fan back then, I also liked bands like Dream Fear and Protest The Hero.

You guys are writing new material at the moment. What can fans expect to hear from it?

John: At the moment we’re just following what we feel like writing. We don’t exactly know ourselves how it will turn out at the moment but I do think a lot of people will be surprised at our sound.

Ben: It’s maturity. It’s definitely a more mature album with a lot of progression in our sound.

What has been your favourite festival or show that you have played so far? 

John: We haven’t really played many festivals, but we did play Tek fest last year and that was pretty fun.

Tom:  We’re really looking forward to Ghostfest today though, especially with the other bands that are on the line up. So by the end of today that will probably be one of our favourites.

Ben: We’re definitely looking forward to playing Throwfest, that will probably end up as one of our favourites because of the sound system the venue has. The bands will sound amazing!

Tom: We are really looking forward to the festivals and shows we have coming up this year though, we haven’t really played that many because this is really just the start for us.

What do you feel has been your biggest achievement so far as a band?

John: Definitely our music video! It was an image we had in our heads for quite a while and I think that we were worried that putting our image into reality would be very hard! We worked with a guy though called Phill Berridge, he was really on the ball with our idea and it turned out exactly how we had envisioned it.

So, if you guys had the opportunity to organised Chrono-fest, what bands would make up your dream line up?

Tom: Dillinger Escape Plan! Definitely.

John: I’d have bands like 5! Dream line up.

Ben: I’d have bands like Maroon 5 and Circa Survive. I’d like Thrice too!

Tom:  We’d have it somewhere as far away from society so it was only us there. We’d definitely not have it at Alton Community Centre where they do Tek Fest. We arrived for sound check and they were having a painting session for granny’s at the same time in the same room! That was definitely an experience.

We’re going to play a game of ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’ now, but Disney Princess style. You’ve got Ariel, Belle and Snow White. Which ones would you snog, marry or avoid.

John: I’d avoid Ariel because she’s a fish.

Tom: I’d kiss Snow White because you get a reward. You get something from the king don’t you? Or is that Sleeping Beauty?

Ben: And I guess I have to say I’d marry Belle. She’s the more normal of the two isn’t she? She’s not a fish and she’s not under a spell!

-Emma D.


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