Astroid Boys Q&A


Your new single ‘Mingin’ was released last month, what has the response been like from fans?

Benji: People like it! To be fair, there’s been a boost in tweets and mentions about us since the song came out. It’s surprising because there’ll be bands that I look up to who mention us or the song, so we’re really grateful to that song because of it.

Next month you guys will be touring with Trash Talk which is quite a big tour, but the fans are a bit different as in the past you’ve supported artists like  Professor Green. At the moment you’re playing Ghostfest and you’ve played Download festival this year too. Do you enjoy playing to different crowds? 

Traxx: Well our first tour was with Goldie Lookin Chain and those guys were dope. Trash Talk are one of my favourite bands so we’re looking forward to it half because they’re a good band and half because they’re the narliest guys.

Benji: We’re excited to tour with a bunch of guys who live in the same way of us. We gig, we hang out, we skate. It’s nice to be able to hang out with a band who do the same things of us and w’ell be able to hang out with them.

Traxx: I’ll just be happy seeing Trash Talk every night.

You’ve just recently came back from Download festival which was insane. You packed the tent out, the crowd was huge and there were cameras everywhere. You were a definite highlight just because of your live show.

Traxx: A lot of people have said that to us and it’s just blew our minds! To have people say that WE we’re their Download highlights is  just amazing.

Benji: Just to have people say our name in like the top 3 highlight lists among names like Limp Bizkit and stuff and then have Astroid Boys among those names is just insane.

Traxx: We were fucking around back stage and people were saying it wasn’t that busy so when we came out it was like ‘BOOM’ there are a lot of people here… but it was awesome to see a lot of faces from the past come out to see us. It was just an amazing thing to see that people follow what we’re doing.

On the subject on festivals, if you could organise your own festival, let’s say Astroid Fest, who would you have on the line up and where would you host it?

Traxx: Oh wow I need a split second to think about this…er Mariah Carey but she’d have to play the album ‘Glitter’ back to back and with the guest songs so like Ludacris and Busta Ryhmes doing a joint set.

Benji: But with Napalm Death, and Ludacris and Busta Ryhmes rapping every lyric they’ve ever wrote over Napalm Death.

Traxx: For the sub-headliner? Ozzy Osbourne.

Benji: No, fuck Ozzy. He’s dead…to me. Justin Bieber.

Traxx: You can’t have Justin Bieber. The Wanted! Miley Cyrus!

Benji: No no neither. I would like to see Rage Against The Machine. We’d put like Malevolence on it. But I would like Snoop, Drey and Eminem to do a set together.

What does it mean to you guys to be put on the Ghostfest line up for this year and are there any bands you guys are looking forward to catching and hanging out with this weekend?

Traxx: We’re excited to play it to be honest, it’s going to be sick! But we take every day as it comes so to us this is another part of our journey.

We’re half way through 2013 already, what plans do Astroid Boys have lined up for the rest of this year? A new EP perhaps?

Benji: We have the Trash Talk tour coming up in July all over the UK which will be sick to play, and then after that we’re not too sure yet. We’ll see what comes our way.

-Emma D.


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