THESE HEARTS “Yours To Take” Album Review

UntitledCombining pop punk with elements of hardcore really isn’t such a novel idea these days, as there seems to be a never-ending supply of “popcore” bands. It truly takes something special for artists of this genre to stand out and become worthy of our attention. Fargo natives, These Hearts, may indeed have that certain ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’ quality, which is helping to set themselves apart from the pack.  With a deadly combination of diligence, newfound maturity, and a dedication to improving their sound, These Hearts has overcome the sophomore slump to create a unexpectedly brilliant album, which touches upon everything from their fans, their relationships, and even life on the road.

Yours To Take is chock-full full of catchy riffs, chugging guitars, and pop punk energy. The album opens with “This Is Love”, featuring Bert Poncet of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, and it highlights catchy choruses, plenty of chugging guitars, and a nice taste of well-crafted harmonies. “The Inconvenience” sounds quite a bit like a heavier version of a C!NCC! song, with awesome vocal performances and wicked breakdowns.  Amazing guitar work and innovative riffs are high points on “Psycho”, however, the song is a bit on the slower side and at times the chugging borders on becoming excessive. These Hearts quickly redeem themselves with “Miserable”, which sounds like it took inspiration from their Victory label mates, A Day To Remember. The song is definitely a step up from their previous work, and the amazing chorus is downright infectious, unquestionably leaving fans singing along within seconds. As a more traditional pop-punk piece, “Been Through Hell” was by far my favorite track off the record, and with an insanely catchy chorus, spot-on vocals, some amazing instrumentation, and widely relatable lyrics, These Hearts certainly hits a home run!

Ryan Saunders shows off his remarkable vocal range in “Last Man Alive”, while retaining an all too similar feel to “This Is Love”. For lyrics that will get stuck in your head for days, check out “Birds Of A Feather”. The song is arguably the bounciest and catchiest tune off Yours To Take, and will leave listeners singing “these memories will never be, like birds of a feather, I should of known better” in no time. “Birds Of A Feather” is surprisingly a breath of fresh air, as it is another strictly pop punk track. “War”, featuring Mattie Montgomery of For Today, is the heaviest track on the album. The song is put together really well, with breakdowns that are tastefully placed and guest vocals that add an elevated touch, making “War” a frontrunner for fan favorite. Yours To Take closes with “Never Mind Me”, which starts off as an acoustic arrangement, but soon explodes into familiar pop punk territory.

Yours To Take is clearly an improvement and a step in the right direction for These Hearts, with a new found maturity in their sound and reinvigorated instrumentation. For me the pop punk parts are truly where These Hearts shines, and in the future the band might do itself some justice by stripping away the hardcore elements, which often times seem to either muddy the track or act as a crutch. I strongly believe that These Hearts has come a long way, and Yours To Take is a brilliant album under their belts. I’m curious to see which direction these guys head next, because they undoubtedly have that special something to drive them to greatness. Check out These Hearts on Facebook (, or catch them out on tour this summer!

Tour Dates:

7/18 – Joliet, IL @ Mojoe’s
7/19 – South Bend, IN @ Generic
7/20 – Kalkaska, MI @ The Fairgrounds
7/21 – Warren, MI @ The Ritz
7/24 – Newport, KY @ Thompson House
7/25 – Indianapolis, IN @ Irving Theater
7/26 – Terre Haute, IN @ THMV
7/27 – St. Louis, MO @ TBA

-Lauren L.


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