1)     Please introduce yourselves and what you do within the band?

Hey I’m Mike (Malyan), and I play drums.

I’m (John) Browne; I play guitar.

My name is Chris (Barretto); I sing.

I’m Swanny (Adam Swan), and I play Bass.

2)     So how did the band come together?

Browne: Yeah, I was in a band called FellSilent before this, and this was kind of alongside FellSilent, but more just jamming.

Mike: I got in touch with Browne over the internet, did a few jams, did a few tours, and found some beautiful people.

Chris: The band has had many inceptions as most people know, and I came into the picture recently. We did a tour together, The Heart Machine Tour, and I was filling in for vocals there, and after they had their thing with their vocalist, a spot opened up and we had talked about it for a little bit. Didn’t really know what was gonna come of it, and we talked a little be more, got a little friendlier, and here I am. There’s a lot of history; I have a band back in New York called Ever Fourthright, and I’ve been kinda around.

3)     Was it easier or harder than you thought to find a new vocalist?

Browne: We actually already had him here, but it was like he lives in New York! So we did a little search, and found that he was by far the best one, so we were just like let’s deal with it.

Mike: loads of people sent in loads of stuff, and it was great.  But then with Chris we had a thing going on, and we were just like, well, auditions are closed now.

4)     What were you looking for in a vocalist that made you choose Chris?

Mike: Can scream and can execute it well.

Chris: The music, itself, is quite demanding, you know? It’s as much fun as it is challenging, and I always appreciate the challenge, and there were open auditions and I wrote stuff that I sent to them beforehand. You know it just started working out.

5)     So “The Indulgers”, tell me about the super special show in Croydon, and why call yourselves “The Indulgers”?

Browne: Basically we wanted a stress-free gig, but then I just started telling everyone it was us…

Chris: Everyone just got really excited, because we had a jam literally the second I got off the plane.  Went back to Mike’s, kicked it for a bit, and then we were like “so let’s go play some tunes!”, and we did, and it was a lot of fun.

Swanny: We also wanted to get a little practice before we got to Ghost Fest.

Browne: We didn’t want this to be the very first time we did anything. It would be really stressful, so we thought, hey, let’s just do this and call it a secret gig, and basically do a live rehearsal sort of thing.

6)     How are things going in terms of writing for the second album?

Browne: We have quite a lot of ideas, maybe not recorded down necessarily, but we’re pretty excited about what’s gonna happen.

Chris: Browne’s got a whole bunch of riffs, and I’ve written stuff and ideas for some songs that will probably be tweaked in the end, whatever the final versions will be, and we’ll be bouncing them back and forth until we’re solid with the ideas.

7)     What can we expect from the second album? Is it going to be completely different from Gnosis?

Browne: Actually, the second album songs are turning out happier than the last record, maybe because I’m not in a dark place, and some people will understand what I mean by that. So I don’t know, we just kind of write it and we have an idea behind what we want to write.

Chris: It seems that with the music that John writes and vocally, we just try and do new things, and the second time round with me involved, I think that I’m going to try to explore different territories that maybe I haven’t before; try and take it to a place that seems right, and captures a little bit of both aggression and the positive side that can really soar and put an image in people’s minds.

Browne: I think that’s something we’ll try and strive for, to put ourselves outside of our comfort zones and try something new.

8)     Do you have any ideas on when you will be releasing this album?

Browne: Err… probably 10 years… nah, more like the beginning of next year? I mean, we have a schedule in our minds, but whether or not we can actually do that schedule is another thing, but we know when we want to record it and when we want to release it. It’s just a case of knuckling down, getting our thumbs out of our asses, and getting it done.

9)     You guys are the main support for Tesseract on their Russian tour date, which is pretty cool.  Do you have a busy touring schedule?

Browne: We have something in the pipeline, but it’s not confirmed yet, and it’s gonna be absolutely AWESOME, if that gets confirmed.

Mike: We’re gonna aim to push the tour up, you know, leading up to Euroblast and stuff.

Browne: If this thing gest confirmed, it’s gonna be really awesome, so wait for news on that. But, yeah, we’ve never been to Russia, and if it’s anything like India, it will be great.

10)  Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck? (Daniel Howieson)

Swanny: I’d take on the duck. Did you know that ducks have nine inch penises? So, if you made a duck the size of a horse, imagine how big its penis would be!

Mike: And they’re shaped like a cork screw, so they can like, penetrate and stuff!

Swanny: It would be all up in your intestines and shit, and little horses. You could just kick the duck, couldn’t you? And a duck would provide a deeply satisfying meal at the end…

Chris: I would definitely go duck.

Browne: Crispy aromatic…

Chris: I wouldn’t kill it! I would harvest it for like my own pleasure.

Swanny: What? With its scaled up nine inch penis?

Chris: No! I’d have it as like a guard duck, and have it in front of my apartment.

11)  Browne, have you ever down picked so hard that your skin fell off? (Robert Percy)

Browne: Yeah it does, it actually does.

12)  How often?!?

Browne: Quite often

13)  Would you rather bone Cameron Diaz for one time only, or be best friends with Tom Cruise for life? (Greg Perry)

All: Oh FUCK Tom Cruise!

Browne: I would show Cameron Diaz whose boss.

Swanny: I would have one riding my dick, and one sucking my toes… Tom Cruise on the toes.

-Corinne C.

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