IWrestledABearOnce Q&A


1)     Please introduce yourself and your role within the band?

I’m Steven, and I play guitar in IWrestledABearOnce

2)     So how did the band come together?

The other guitarist and I have been in bands for like 15 years, and at some point in 2007 we were living together and we met Krysta, our previous singer on tour. Her band broke up and our old band broke up, so we started a new band. Why the hell not?!

3)     What would you say is the best thing about playing festivals such as Ghost Fest and the All Stars Tour?

Everything!  There’s a bunch of people, the shows are great, and you get to meet up with a bunch of your friends’ bands. Especially over here, we do nothing but festival shows, so, it’s crazy seeing people we haven’t seen in forever. Some days you don’t even realise you’re playing with a certain band, and you’ll go backstage and be like “Oh shit! What are you doing here!”, so it’s pretty awesome, can’t complain.

4)     Your new record ‘Late For Nothing’ is set to release in August, can you tell us a little bit about what we are to expect?

It’s got songs on it… some music. I don’t know, it’s a little more organised than our previous albums. Things repeat a little more often, and the goal was to be able to bob your head more. Less “what-the-fuck-is-happening”, and more “damn-that’s-a-cool-riff”, but there’s still some “what-the-fuck-is-happening” stuff, but a little more organised.

5)     What would you say was your main inspiration when writing this record?

My dog, who’s on the cover of the record; yeah, it’s her face photo shopped over a model. And, also probably medical marijuana and whisky.

6)     Well you kind of already answered my next question, but what was the inspiration for your album artwork?

Oh, well also my dog, but she’s pretty much the bands dog now. She’s been on tour with us like 90% of the American and Canadian tours. I’ve had her since before the band, so she’s been around since day one, and this time we were all just sitting around joking -and this is how we come up with everything we ever do. We were just sitting around the house like “Oh we need a fucking album cover, shit, it’s due like next week; we gotta figure this out!”, and just somehow someone was like “Mildred!”, and I just crudely cut her face out and pasted it over a picture of a model trying to hail a cab, and we were like “This is it.”.

7)     What’s your favourite tour memory?

Met Phil Anselmo, and got to hang out with him a few days ago. Pantera fuckin’ rule, so that was awesome, and I got to watch Down side stage just before that, so that was great. Phil Anselmo is out of his mind, and I mean that as a compliment, because I’m outta my fuckin’ mind, and also I am from Louisiana and so is he, so maybe that’s why.

8)     How would you describe your music to someone who’s never listened to the band before?

Steven: Urgh shit, I don’t know… Pablo from Chelsea Grin, how would you describe IWrestledABearOnce? Guest interview question!

Pablo:  Dang… I’m like a lifeline right? Like a phone a friend? I would say it’s a mixture of like multiple freeway car rollovers, with…

Steven: This is a new bio, you gotta make sure this is good.

Pablo: With a family beach day, so, like, you’re having a great time with your family and it’s like a good time, and then there’s a big crash, like final destination, and then you go back to the beach day, and it’s like insane and it’s really good, and everyone needs to check out the new record.

Steven: Well damn, that got all serious, and was like a good plug, I was just expecting you to say like “shitty” or something.

9)     So what influenced you to be in this kind of band, and what did you listen to when you were kids?

Everything, from like weird orchestra stuff to strange jazz music, to death metal, to hippie and reggae. I don’t know, the first CD I ever had was Bob Marley, and the second CD I ever had was Ace Of Bass, so everything from like Pantera, Refused, Deftones-a lot of Deftones, Korn, Slipknot. We were kids during that time period.

10)   How’s the transition been between vocalists?

Actually, really easy. I feel like it should have been a lot worse, because Krysta left in the middle of Warped Tour, and the next day Courtney flew out. We’d never met her, zero notice; we just got talking to her online. Her old band weren’t doing anything anymore, so it was very good/very strange timing, and one of her top three list of goals in life was to do Warped Tour. She’s completely fuckin’ insane and weird, so it was like perfect.  Like all the dumb inside jokes we have, she would like finish all the quotes and we’d be like “Holy shit! You know that dumb YouTube video from like 2004!”, and she’s really laid back. She used to be a yoga instructor, so she’s super chill, when the rest of us start to freak out about something she’s like “guys, it’s okay”, and like Krysta was crazy with the rest of us like “god damn we’re all gonna die, fuck our lives!”, so it’s nice, and she’s a bad bitch. She CRUSHED IT on the new record, I’d never say that I’m awesome, but I’ll definitely speak highly of her. I can’t imagine the vocals turning out any better; it was insane working with her on the new stuff. She’s weird as hell live, so weird. I don’t know how we managed to win the singer lottery on that one. Oh wait she’s walking up now… she’s such a bitch… her bangs are dumb… I’m kidding they’re beautiful.

11)   Would you ever wrestle a bear a second time?

Ahhhh! See! You were so good, until that one! If Gary Busey told us to, then yes, because we got the name from Gary Busey. So when Gary Busey wrestles a bear a second time, then we will.

Corinne C.


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