A Scent Like Wolves “…And The Story Goes” Album Review


Back in January, I got a small taste of the up and coming band, A Scent Like Wolves, with their new single “Step 4”, featuring Fronz of Attila. I was wholeheartedly impressed by both their highly proficient instrumentation and their adept lyricism.  With the release of their latest album …And The Story Goes, containing “Step 4” among its bastion of epic tracks, this Pennsylvania metalcore band is definitely well on their way to making a big splash in the alternative music industry.

…And The Story Goes kicks things off with the tiny gem, “Prologue”. “Prologue” opens up with a cool orchestral sounding intro, which shortly afterwards acts as a backbone for the rest of the piece. The song is wicked awesome, sounding like something straight off the sound track to The Matrix or some other futuristic sci-fi. My only wish was that the song could’ve gone on longer! With an amazing start to the album, the rest does not disappoint. “You Don’t Deserve Me” diverges into the more traditional hardcore/metalcore sound. The guitar work is crazy good and the mixed screamed and clean vocals work well, but what’s most impressive is that the song is wholly unpredictable, continually switching things up and never sticking to one pattern. While this song is undeniably on the heavier side, it’s got a slightly refreshing pop-punk inspired feel to it.  With a delightfully catchy chorus and powerfully executed screams, “Harrison Ford (vs Pack of Wild Boars)” takes things to a whole new level, and the slow intro cascades into something truly magnificent. It’s hard to imagine both the words “soothing” and “heavy” used to describe one song, but with “Harrison Ford” that’s exactly the paradox we find ourselves in. The mellifluous flow to the chorus skillfully balances out the heavier parts, turning this song into something Chuck Norris might opt to use as his lullaby.

“Off Your High Horse” and “My Heart on Ice” capture amazing vocal deliverance and a surfeit of technical riffs.   While notably on the heavier side, it’s these songs’ melodies that really push them over the edge. A Scent Like Wolves reveals their softer side with “Ocean City”, a largely acoustic arrangement with lyrical themes about conquering distance to be with the one’s love, despite having doubts. The vocal performance on “Ocean City” is spot-on, and the pain and longing in vocalist Alexander Boltz’s voice makes nearly every word believable. This softer piece is almost reminiscent of Hidden In Plain View circa 2005, pairing technique with raw emotion. “Shotgun Shells Are In The Back” speeds things back up, and the mix of heavy breakdowns, the melodic chorus, and the fast tempo mesh perfectly. “Step 4” and “Game Changer” come next, and they’re sure to be a fan favorites, with stellar vocals, amazing drumming, and impressive lyrics to boot, in addition to awesome guest performances from Chris Fronzak of Attila and Ricky Armellino of Century (also of This Or The Apocalypse). …And The Story Goes ends on a high note with “She Dreams In HD”. The closing piece is powerful and heartfelt, and the poignant lyrics rightly tell a story.

With seamless vocals, solid instrumentation, and well-versed lyrics, …And The Story Goes blew me away. Overall it’s an incredibly solid album that I would recommend to fans of Hidden In Plain View, Hawthorne Heights, August Burns Red, Blessthefall, From First To Last, or metalcore as a whole. Currently working to make a name for themselves in the scene, there is no doubt in my mind that we will be seeing great things from A Scent Like Wolves in the near future. I am proud to say that A Scent Like Wolves have earned themselves a new fan, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next for this talented group of musicians.  To check out more from A Scent Like Wolves visit their Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ascentlikewolves) or their Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/ascentlikewolves?feature=watch).

Lauren L.


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