The Joy of Painting “Tender Age” EP Review


With the recent release of their third EP, (Tender Age via South Division Records), this past May, Nashville natives, The Joy of Painting, have come to amass a continually supportive and ever-growing fan base. Their sound can be described as Garage Pop, which an intricate blend of pop punk, rock, and soulful vocals.

The Joy of Painting is nothing less than impressive. From the moment I heard that first track, “High Definitions”, they won me over and I can now officially call myself a fan. “High Definitions” opens up the EP with a very catchy guitar and drum chorus, before erupting with the poppy and soulful vocals of the stellar front man, Garreth Spinn. If anything, “High Definitions” sets the tone for the entire EP perfectly. The next track, titled “Dontchu Wanna”, evokes feelings of long hot summer nights with a budding summer romance. The lyrics tell the story of a burning midsummer passion coming to an end, and the musical ambiance pairs seamlessly with the theme of the song.  “Back to Romance”, with seemingly picture-perfect timing follows the summer love story as a classic break-up jam.  The musical energy starts to decline at “Back to Romance, preparing the audience for the next track. “Ghost” slows things down and reveals the softer side to The Joy of Painting both musically and lyrically. The song is reminiscent of a soothing 1960’s era rock song, showcasing a solid array of keyboard sounds, which could probably mollify and put any crying baby to sleep.

With “Im Reelin”, the song for which The Joy of Painting recently released a music video, the guys kick things back into high gear, truly illuminating their endless capabilities. Listeners can easily get lost in the upbeat and poppy vocals, and the instrumental parts of will get them up off their feet and the party started. The party mode vibe is also carried over onto the next track, “Good Mood”. The closing track, “I Didn’t Think”, wraps things up quite nicely, and honestly only leaving listeners wanting more. The sound of this track acts as middle ground between upbeat songs, like “Im Reelin”, and slow songs, like “Ghost”.  It’s one of those multi-functional songs that could be listened to on both a good and bad days.

I certainly would recommend checking out this band, because who knows, they could be the next big thing. Be sure to check out their EP, Tender Age, as well as all their previous EP’s (all via South Division Records). You can also watch their music videos for “Im Reelin” ( For more information, head on over to their facebook page (, and don’t forget to hit that ‘like’ button.

Annette V.


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