Takedown Festival Review

8738854754_c2b3d4aff0_bDeath Of An Artist Photo by Emma Dearie

11th May 2013, this was the day that thousands of music lovers invaded Southampton University for this year’s dose of Takedown Festival. With four stages set up across the Southampton campus, the event was ready to take off. With only a few minor setbacks running things a little late, event staff and crew worked their hardest to get things back on track, and Takedown Festival was yet again another grandiose event.

Big Deal Clothing Stage:

Set as the opening act, I Divide (7) certainly knew how to kick-off a festival as they spent a good per cent of their set time hyping up the audience. Vocalist, Tom Kavanagh, made sure to get the crowd involved and up off their feet, no matter how early in the day it may have been. Guitarist, Josh Wreford, followed in a similar manner, keeping the audience pumped by climbing over the speakers and onto the windows, showing all the other bands just how to open a festival in true rock star fashion.

Small Town Records Stage:

Hey Vanity (7) was the second band to brace the stage. Attracting a big crowd, it was obvious that there was something special about this band. Having never listened to or even heard of the band before, I was truly impressed with their set.

Yorkshire rockers, With One Last Breath (9), had the stage packed. After successfully touring alongside bands such as Motionless in White and Asking Alexandria, With One Last Breath has really made a name for themselves. Bassist, Joe Lancaster, seemed to enjoy heights, taking to the balcony above and showing all those coming down the stairs or hanging out at the merch table what they were missing out on!

After announcing that Shadows Chasing Ghosts (7) were no longer going to be a band by the end of 2013, I made sure I didn’t miss their set. Shadows Chasing Ghosts is a band that I’ve always enjoyed, so I along with many other fans took full advantage of the fact that would probably be the band’s last performance in Southampton. Doing what he does best, Trey Tremain, vocalist for the band, pumped up the crowd by continually getting them involved by jumping up and around the barrier, getting up close and personal with the spectators.

Rock Sound Stage:

Definitely one of my favourite bands on the line-up, Mallory Knox (9) was truly one of the highlights of the day. The stage was PACKED and everyone was very sweaty, however that didn’t dampen the spirits of those in the crowd. If anything, it fuelled them with more and more energy. Mikey Chapman’s vocals filled the room, and there echoed a chorus of claps and chants, creating an atmosphere that was truly mesmerizing.

With the stage utterly packed, fans began to fill every nook and cranny of the event space, including the entryways, with the hopes of catching even a small glimpse of the Rock Sound Stage headliners, The Blackout (7). It was clear to see that The Blackout were one of the most anticipated bands of the day. While only catching only a small fraction of their set, there was no denying that The Blackout deserved to be headlining the stage;  a rightly all around outstanding performance.

Monster Energy Stage:

Having never listened to Hactivist(8) before, I was unsure of what to expect. However, first impressions were good, and the band clearly knew how to entertain the crowd, as they were easily able to get a mosh pit started. While slightly different from the other bands on this stage, the unique mix of heavy riffs and rap sections makes Hacktivist one of those bands you’re either going to love or hate, and after their performance at Takedown, I can easily say I love them.

London based metal group, The Defiled (8), were up next. Throughout the day I had heard a lot of hype surrounding this band, leaving me with very high expectations for their set. From the moment they walked onto the stage, it was clear that they were there to impress. The combination of their catchy, well written songs and excellent stage presence made their set a very fun and enjoyable one to watch.

The final band on my list for the Monster Stage was the increasingly popular While She Sleeps (9.5). Having seen the band multiple times before, I generally knew what to expect. However, this band never ceases to surprise me. As the opening riffs to Death Toll were played, female rockers Becca Macintyre (from Marmozets) and  Melanie Mohlkert (from Tantrum to Blind) jumped straight into the crowd as the first crowd surfers for the set, influencing the other crowd members to do the same. This band never fails to impress, they always bring their A-game.

After having such a good time at Takedown, there was one question that was left on everyone’s mind – “takedown 2014”? Yes, we can indeed confirm that a Takedown Festival 2014 will be going forwards! All of us at Plugged In Promotions are super excited about next year’s festival , and we  can’t wait to see everything be unveiled!

Overall Rating – 9/10

Louise M.


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