Sleeping With Sirens “Feel” Album Review



Undeniably one of the current powerhouses of the post-hardcore scene, Sleeping with Sirens has become a true force of nature in the world of alternative music. As one of the ever familiar faces of Rise-core, you know the SWS sound, you know their look, and you definitely know that these Florida boys are seemingly unstoppable.  With nearly five years of experience and two previous album releases, Sleeping with Sirens has grown from being just another drop in the watered down sea of crappy scene metal bands, to becoming the tidal wave of post-hardcore badassery that they are today. On April 6, 2013, Sleeping with Sirens released their newest record, Feel. With clear improvement from the days of With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear and even Let’s Cheers to This, pulling in a myriad of musical influences, Feel may be their best album to date!

Feel is either an album that you’ll love unconditionally or you’ll dislike wholeheartedly, because it is so vastly different from Sleeping with Siren’s previous work. To the skeptics, I can say with fullest sincerity that the album is musical proof of the band’s continuing evolution from scene boys to serious post-hardcore men on both the songwriting/musical production and business fronts. The album opens with “Feel”, presenting an inescapably catchy chorus and only a nibble of the delectable musical feast heard later on. “Here We Go” is a fast, in-your-face, and quite possibly pop-punk inspired anthem, that really gets you on your feet. It is laced with heavy melodies and intense breakdowns. “Free Now” was my favorite off the record, because it showcased Kellin Quinn’s unflinchingly phenomenal vocal range. Played on the softer side, it’s music that makes you feel alive and lyrics that truly mean something.

Now I’m not really a Machine Gun Kelly fan, but the fourth track “Alone”, featuring the rapper, was an unexpected twist from Sleeping with Sirens. The blending of rap and hardcore, meshes surprisingly well, and makes one extremely catchy jam. “I’ll Take You There”, featuring Shayley Bourget of Dayshell, is a musically intricate piece, complete with loads of complex guitar and bass compositions and some elaborate hooks and riffs. The song is a bit deeper and more layered than their earlier work, but it oozes a much of the same passion found on the older albums. Definitely the heaviest track off the Feel, “The Best There Ever Was”, featuring Fronz of Atilla, packs a powerful punch with some of the hardest screams yet. “Low” follows with powerful lyrics and solid instrumentation, but the arguably singular high point of the track may be Kellin’s flawless vocals. The next track, “Congratulations”, featuring Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire, left a little something to be desired. This song may have been the lowest point on the record, as it’s on the repetitive side, is a little bland, and has a nasty air of egotism about it. However, the boys quickly redeem themselves with “Déjà vu”, energetic and packed full of fun and sexy lyrics.

While the demo was leaked October of last year, “These Things I’ve Done”, still stood out as one of the best off the album, and will probably end up a fan favorite. “Sorry” is one of the most heartfelt songs that SWS has written to date, and the beautiful piano backing interlaces perfectly with the poignant lyrics.  Feel culminates with “Satellites”; a softer song all about being true to yourself, a universal message that is sure to hit home for many fans.

With Feel, Sleeping with Sirens has made it clear why they are the reigning kings of the post-hardcore scene. Feel is a truly phenomenal record from start to finish, with the good far outweighing the bad. Their new found level of musical and personal growth is unquestionably propelling the guys to new heights. We can only imagine what will come next from these Rise Records dynamos, but we know for sure that Sleeping with Sirens is going to be with us fans for a long time to come. I highly encourage you check out Feel, or get a chance to see Sleeping with Sirens live out on this year’s Vans Warped Tour.

Lauren L.


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