Night Verses “Lift Your Existence” Album Review


Night Verses consists of four talented and dedicated musicians, vocalist Douglas Robinson, guitarist Nick DePirro,  bassist Reilly Herrera , and drummer Aric Improta. Recently coming off two 2013 US tours and playing alongside amazing bands like Letlive and HRVRD, doesn’t seem to have enervated these guys in the least, but rather has fortified their plans to continue touring and pumping out killer tracks. Their album Lift Your Existence doesn’t disappoint, and will definitely be gaining them some new fans along the way.

The album opens with “Introducing: The Rot under the Sun”, showcasing an instrumentally driven intro with powerful riffs and drum fills. Aric is highly proficient behind the drum kit (catch him on YouTube showing off his talent), as he was a 2012 finalist for the Guitar Center Drum Off.  The lyrics are overlaid atop the heavy beats Aric continually supplies, and furthermore the guitar strums are so precise that this song is holistically a great opening track. “Rage”, a heavy, fast paced jam, definitely sounds a lot like the name implies. Its cool guitar strum patterns and effects are in perfect synchronization with the drum beats, highlighting a stellar mix of cymbal work. This is a track that will have fans getting their rage face on and dancing their butt in the mosh pit. The guitar intro for the following track, “Time Erases Time”, is pretty amazing and compliments the track well. Starting off fast paced and diluting into a steadier jam, the guitars are so crisp and clean that they sound truly amazing paired up with the rest of the song.

Each track features something different and special, whether it’s more technical guitar work, intricate bass riffs, or complex drum patterns. As a whole, Night Verses really nails it in every aspect of musicality. Each of them is incredibly talented and “Celestial Fires” makes a perfect example of it. The track’s notable keyboard effect leads into powerful vocals and a guitar work. Other cool effects are featured throughout the rest of the track, definitely set to be a fan favorite.  While “Celestial Fires” is different than most of Night Verses work, it unequivocally remains an awesome song and my personal favorite off the album. “Antidepressants” the debut single off Lift Your Existence, for which Night Verses recently recorded a music video, for this song, is another solid track that fans, both new and old, will definitely enjoy.  The track features excellent guitar and drumming with flowing vocals. Another notable track off Lift Your Existence is “Pull Back Your Teeth”. It’s definitely a heavier track and I dug it quite a bit. The guitars sound phenomenal, especially with the delayed sound to the strums. The drums also sound great, filling out the rest of the song and meshing well with the on-point vocals. This song will for sure get a crowd hyped. “Blind Lighthouse” is a mellower selection, and it features trippy guitars overlaid to a steady drum beat. It gradually picks up speed throughout the song, but everything blends together and fades back into the mellow and soothing guitar strums.

After listening to the full album, I have to say that it is simply an amazing release by Night Verses. All of the tracks are amazing in their own way, and I highly suggest a complete listen trough, from beginning to end, in order to appreciate the uniqueness of each song.  Night Verses did a great job writing and recording this material, and I could see older and new fans alike, enjoying this just as much. I recommend this album for fans of Letlive and HRVRD. Purchase “Lift Your Existence” on June 25th on their official website (, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter (

Frankie V.


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