Hold Your Own “Blind Bird” EP Review

Hold You Own is a talented five piece metal punk band from Australia, fronted by Isaac Davie, with Jordan Crotty and Stewart Waterman on guitar, Nick Kelly on bass, and Shannon Boengkih on drums. Following up their previous release, Dead Days EP (totally check that out), the band’s Blind Bird EP is a fresh attempt to make a bigger splash in the alternative music industry. With the best of both metal and punk, Blind Bird is definitely a high note for the band.

The first track off their new ep is called “Naked”; this song starts off with a powerful kick drum along with heavy strumming and powerful vocals. If you appreciate high levels of technicality and precision, than Hold Your Own is the right band for you! The lyrics are made a home run with well-matched screams, and the guitars sound absolutely incredible. “Home Sweet Home” follows, and with a fast paced beat and heavy guitar riffs, this song is sure to be a crowd pleaser and definitely mosh worthy. “Voices” starts off with a medium paced drum beat and a ring from the cymbals as Davie screams his heart out. This track will definitely leave the audience wanting to dance (as if they weren’t already tapping along to the beat). “Faceless” is a bit slower paced, but with a cool guitar intro, steady beat, and heavy vocals fading into the background, it reminds me of old school style Alexisonfire with an Australian twist.  “Stigma”, rife with heavy, but well-placed, breakdowns is reminiscent of an early Vanna song. The breakdowns blend into the track along with the heavy guitar chugs quite well. Hold You Own really set it down with this track; it will definitely keep you on your feet. Blink Bird EP comes to a close with “Tell Me a Story”, despite leaning on the heavier side, it features a pretty melody and rhythm that balances out the heavy vox.

This band is indubitably talented and definitely worth checking out. I recommend Hold Your Own for fans of The Ghost Inside, Vanna, or Alexisonfire. Hopefully one day they’ll get enough fans to be able to tour in the United States, but until then I’ll definitely keep my fingers crossed. Purchase Blind Bird EP on Hold Your Own’s official website (https://www.facebook.com/HOLDYOUROWNAUS), and catch them on tour in June and July!

Frankie V.



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