Celldweller Album Review


Celldweller is celebrating ten years since the release of his self-titled debut album. This certainly is a record that calls for celebration, and in no better way than a special edition re-release.  Whether on the dance floor, movie soundtracks, or video game musical scores, Celldweller ’s Electronic Rock music is everywhere to set an intense ambiance.

Mixing the precision of trance with the heavy edge of rock, producer Klayton’s unique blend of Electronic Rock music is as versatile as it is refined, easily crossing over from one style to another.  On this album, everything from distorted, metal guitar riffs and powerful vocals to liquid basses and electronic percussion can be found (along with every ambient effect, synthesizer, and unexpected breakdown known to man in between).

This album packs a powerful punch with knockouts, such as “Switchback,” an essential to any playlist needed to get the blood pumping. There are also the more extensive tracks to lose oneself in, such as “The Last Firstborn” and “Frozen,” which are unique rides within the ultimate journey of the album in entirety. It’s also notable that even acoustic-infused songs exist on the album in the form of tracks like “Under My Feet” and “Afraid This Time.” Finally, as a treat to anyone buying the special edition, the new track, “Uncrowned”, brings out some of the finest elements of Klayton’s music, from the roots of the original Celldweller to the more recent releases that have certainly evolved and mutated over time. This is an excellent chance for fans to catch a glimpse and make comparison of  the “then and now” of Celldweller’s music.

Paul W.


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