Catching Quiet “Argyle Park” Album Review


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Catching Quiet’s Argyle Park takes the things people love about alternative rock and gives them just that. From the first track, “The New Manhattan,” we find ourselves with clean bass lines, distorted power chord rhythms, guitar leads, and of course, rockin’ drums. With alternative parts like that, written in a pop-sensible arrangement, we have ourselves a good three minutes of enjoyment.  The band isn’t your one-trick, five tracks pony either. Showing a softer edge with well layered vocals, “In the Breeze” is a great track that reveals the band’s versatility.

Even if you want to take the distortion out of their rock sound, Argyle Park’s got an acoustic song, “I’m Not the Narrator,” that would make for a fine sing-along at any sized live performance. The final track, “Survivor’s Guilt,” is a dynamic ending to the EP that will be quick to move you physically, if not emotionally. Altogether, alternative fans may rejoice that the genre remains after what some might consider its peak in the 90’s and early 00’s. Catching Quiet’s definitely going to be a band to watch given this debut.

Paul W.


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