Misser “Distancing” Review


Misser is made up of members of the bands Transit and This Time Next Year. Tim Landers of Transit singings his heart out while he strums his guitar and the vocal performance provided by Brad Wiseman of This Time Next Year accompanies him. Prior to the release of Distancing, Misser released a three song ep, Problems Problems Problems then released their debut full length album, Every Day I Tell Myself I’m Going To Be A Better Person.

This is my first time listening to Distancing so far it’s amazing and will most likely end up being on repeat for the next few days.  The first track, “Goddamn, Salad Days” starts off with powerful vocals from both Tim and Brad, while still retaining the same sound as their previous material. This track will make current fans as well as new fans go crazy in the crowd. The second track, “Infrared”, features a steady beat and powerful lyrics from both vocalists who have different sounding voices that blend together so well helping to creating Misser’s unique sound. “Burn Out”, the third track off Distancing the guitars in the background blend together so perfectly. This song will make you tap your feet for sure. During the mid song it slows up and is well mixed in this track.

The second to last track is called “Alone, Die.”, with steady drum beats and guitar riffs that bring this song to your ears. This track is another foot tapper and also just shows that anything this band puts out, they give their all and it pays off by sounding absolutely amazing. “Slow It Down, Write It Out” closes out Distancing, this track is mellower than the rest of the album, with that unique sound that gives Misser its distinctive qualities.

For Fans of Transit, This Time Next Year, Long Lost, or Turnover, make sure you check out Distancing, I promise, you won’t regret it.

Purchase “Distancing” on their official website: http://riserecords.merchnow.com/search/?q=misser

You can also pick up their debut full length there too!

-Frankie V.


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