The Kanes “Black Magic” Review


Upon my initial listen to The Kanes, an up and coming alternative rock band out of Reno, Nevada, they were reminiscent of a more indie sounding Nirvana. However, as I re-listened to their new album, Black Magic , I was able to hear a multitude of varying subtle influences.  According to the band’s website, they take musical inspiration from everything to the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, all the way to Radiohead and the Killers, to name a few.  The Kanes is composed of lead singer and guitarist, Greg Gilmore, bass guitarist, Adam Springob, and drummer, Mike Orris Jr.

One thing the band really succeeds in, and is showcased on Black Magic, is their ability to easily and smoothly transition from different tempos and styles.  The track “If You Want” has an awesome intro; it switches from an early moderate tempo to a much faster be, finally ending in a heavy riff.  The riff transitions splendidly, carrying over and onto the beginning of the next song, “Hey Yeah”. “Hey Yeah” is a catchy, upbeat tune that will have you tapping your feet and nodding your head.  “Free Me” is probably my favorite song off the album.  It’s incredibly chill, and I could definitely see myself hanging out in a basement or cruising in my car with this song playing away in the background.  You can listen to it via Youtube ( ), or even better, download it for free from the band’s website.  “Free Me” is then followed by the very slow and vocally heavy beginning to “How Does it Taste”. After about a minute, it transitions to a much faster and more guitar and drum filled combination.  This switch between slow vocals and fast instrumentation occurs multiple times throughout the song, once again displaying the band’s amazing ability to innovatively change the sound, while still producing a cohesive piece.

Definitely give The Kanes and Black Magic a listen, they may surprise you. Check out the band on Facebook (, or go to their website for more information ((



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