Man Overboard “Heart Attack” Review


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of their infamous “Defend Pop Punk” slogan, which has arguably grown more recognizable than the band itself. Proudly rekindling the spirit of pop punk glory, Man Overboard is perfecting the art of creating teenage anthems, seemingly perfect for wallowing in self-pity and drowning in a sea of angsty hormones. Over the years, Man Overboard has really honed in on finding a signature sound that just plain works for them. Released early this year, Heart Attack, is a nod to that distinctive style of previous Man Overboard albums with a clearly new-found instrumental growth and alongside increasingly polished tracks. Heart Attack opens with “Secret Pain” and “Boys without Batteries”, which pays homage to the classic Man Ovmk”. “S.A.D.” provides an angst ridden anthem all about teenage self-loathing and self-inflicted misery. While “S.A.D.” may not have the most original of lyrics, they definitely bank on how relatable they are for the majority of MO fans. “Hoodie Song” is the heaviest song off Heart Attack and arguably the best from the record. The vocals are a bit grittier than MO fans are probably used to, but the song’s overall catchiness hits a home run. “Open Season” is another gem that sits towards the end of the record, and it tastefully features guest vocals from Thursday’s Geoff Rickly. Heart Attack comes to an end with the softer ballad “Wide Awake”, which sounds different from the rest of the tracks on the album, just toeing the line on out-of-place. It features some soft piano and acoustic guitar sections, and of course the smooth trade off vocals between Zac Eisenstein and Nik Bruzzese.

While I will readily admit that Man Overboard’s style of pop punk is not necessarily my favorite, they have indeed managed to piece together a really cohesive album, which stays true to their signature sound and shows off some of MO’s new found growth on both the songwriting and production sides. Heart Attack might just be Man Overboard’s most polished album to date, and it is definitely a huge step towards living up to their lofty slogan. If you’re a long-time fan of Man Overboard or you enjoy the sounds of pop punk acts such as The Wonder Years, Set Your Goals, The Story So Far, Handguns, I Call Fives, or This Time Next Year, then Heart Attack is definitely an album you’ll want to check out; a poppy pop punk album, that’s sure to leave MO fans smiling.

-Lauren L.


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