Golden Youth “Quiet Frame; Wild Light” Album Review

This is the kind of debut album that will really get people’s attention. Golden Youth pushes the boundaries of what a songwriting duo is capable of with Quiet Frame; Wild Light. From the brief, alluring opening track “Life Through A Keyhole,” into the grand “We Are Alive,” the listener is brought into a land of wonder. The enchanting orchestration that colors the scenery while the duo perform keyboards and guitar have a breathtaking impact on the overall experience of the album.

The controlled vocals of Stephanie Lauren have a perfect fit to each song as her voice leads the listener through the invitingly fun path as if she herself was a part of the soundscape. This rare quality is a delight that fans are sure to resonate with in spades. The highlights of the album come from the moments of serenity such as in the layered “Brother In The Morning Light,” or the blissful finale, “On Wings.” The feeling that Quiet Frame; Wild Light brings could be compared to holding hands with a person you love. Now that is something we could all use more of.

-Paul W.

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