Elcaset Review

A promising future awaits Elcaset, an up and coming Melbourne born trio. Though only formed in 2012, Rory Bampton, Adam Abrahall, and Scott Bampton have created a powerful alternative/rock sound that is self-described as “invoke[ing] the grunge-led riffs of Rival Schools, pithy vocal hooks of Biffy Clyro, and power-pop cadence of Jimmy Eat World.”

This description proves accurate in their single “Losing Ground” which was recently reissued along with a B-side, “Can’t Say We’re Too Late.”  “Losing Ground” is very upbeat with a catchy hook; the song had me tapping my foot by halfway through. “Can’t Say We’re Too Late” blends the three members’ skills together greatly. Each part is distinct but they all work harmoniously alongside strong lyrics to make a powerful song. Both songs leave the listener anxious to hear more from Elcaset.

While you wait to see what’s next for the band, download their single and B-side for free here: http://elcaset.bandcamp.com/album/losing-ground-single , and make sure to like them on Facebook for more news https://www.facebook.com/Elcaset?fref=ts.

-Kanitta K.


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