Death Of An Era “The Great Commonwealth” EP Review

From grueling breakdowns to spine chilling growls, Death Of An Era is everything any metal fan could dream of. With having recently joined the Artery Foundation, this Columbus, OH quintet will be releasing their debut EP The Great Commonwealth (Artery Recordings/Razor & Tie) on May 21st. I must say, as a seldom metal listener I wasn’t sure what to expect from this EP, but after my first run-through I knew Death Of An Era was going to be something special. Opening up the first track, “Create, Sustain,” you hear strings of melodies, directly followed by a guitar and drum intro, before frontman Daniel Simpson lays down a series of gripping screams. The next track, “P.O.S,” definitely portrays Death Of An Era at their height of metal and hardcore ferocity. In other words, it’s not a song for the weak minded, but will surely bring out the beast in everybody.

“Shapeshifter,” on the other hand, gives us a sneak peak to the clean vocal abilities of Simpson, even with a catchy chorus the band refuses to slow down musically and portrays even more breakdowns and fast drumming along with Simpson’s clean and unclean vocals. The next two tracks, “The Helpless Settlement” and “American Dictation,” follow suite with a blend of clean and unclean vocals and lots of technicalities that give off very death metal vibes. In the closing track, Death Of An Era leaves us with “A Mother’s Love,” which profoundly exemplifies the great lyrical abilities of the band and their continued display of instrumental abilities. This track also portrays greatly what Simpson states of the entire EP; “Each song on The Great Commonwealth addresses a problem that the average American teen might be dealing with. If they aren’t going through a particular issue personally, they know someone who is. These are universal problems that everybody faces in our world. The title basically says, ‘Hey America, look at yourself. We need to do something.'”

If you’re a metal/hardcore fan, Death Of An Era is definitely a band you should check out! Be sure to pick up their debut EP The Great Commonwealth, which hits stores May 21st. To get a little taste of what’s to come be sure to also check out the bands official music video for “A Mother’s Love” and ‘like’ them on Facebook!

-Annette V.


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