Terror Interview


1. Introduce yourself with your name and role in the band.

I’m Jordan Posner, and I play guitar. Hello.

2. How did you all meet and when did the band form?

In early 2002, when Scott’s old band from Buffalo broke up, he moved out west and ended up in Los Angeles looking to start a band with a few members from the band Carry On. Nick being the drummer, him and Scott have been in the band from day one. Martin, David and I have all played in bands that toured with Terror over the years, so we’ve all known each other.

The current lineup we have has been going strong for almost 5 years now!

3. How do you feel like your fan base has grown since you’ve started out?

Our oldest fans have stuck with us this whole time and we’ve been able to pick up a whole new batch of fans along the way. It’s still so great that Terror has had this consistent amount of support throughout the years. It really is something special, because a lot of bands that have been around as long as we have tend to die out or slip away, so to speak. I still feel like a fresh, new hyped up band at times when I see how our shows still are. It’s awesome.

We give our all to this band, and I think people recognize that and its helped pay off for us to stay relevant.

4. When did you notice people coming out specifically to see your band and what did that feel like?

Terror picked up momentum very early due to a lot of hard work and relentless touring. Not much has changed in that department and we’re all still giving this 100 percent. Always an amazing feeling seeing people going nuts to our songs, singing every word and having a great time!

5. You’ve recently released your album Live By The Code, how is this one different than other albums you’ve released in the past?

We haven’t strayed too far from our formula. We’re always down to throw in a little different ideas here and there, but you know what you’re getting from us. Once we finished this album and listened back to it, a lot of us noticed it’s a lot more raw and pissed off than our past couple albums. Some have said it’s even a little more mid tempo, or less thrashy. We never made a conscious decision to do that, it just happened. Either way, we all love this fuckin’ album and are proud of it. It’s definitely our strongest material to date, we feel.

6. What was the writing process like for that album?

I would fly out to LA a couple times and Nick and I would go over all the songs and riff ideas we wrote on our downtime from tour. We demoed a bunch of songs, Scott wrote lyrics, and once we ended up with enough material, the band got together with our producer Chad for pre production. We then fine tuned all the songs we liked, changed a few others and picked the 12 best songs to record. Then we did the drums at a separate studio and the rest of the album at Nick’s house. It was a great, relaxed environment and experience.

7. What’s your favorite song off of Live By The Code?

I seriously like the whole thing, but “Cold Truth,” “I’m Only Stronger,” “Hard Lessons,” and “Live By the Code” I love.

8. What’s your favorite song to play live? What song do your fans react to the most at shows?

The newer songs we’ve been playing are great because they’re fresh.  “Stick Tight” and “You’re Caught” are some of my favorites to play.  A lot of people like the old classics like “Overcome” and “Spit My Rage.”  That always seems to get the older fans and the newer ones going.

9. If you could have anything happen at one of your shows, what would it be?

I have no idea. Naked girls dancing and beer! A cross between a Murphy’s Law show and a rap video? Fuck, I don’t know, man.  We’ve actually had the former occur at one of our shows before. One time in Slovakia, this really drunk girl got on stage, and took her clothes off, and danced around for like 3 songs straight. She ended up behind the drum kit just being like a backup dancer for the rest of the set. It was nuts.  But for real, I guess to have everyone having fun and we play well is all I can ask for.  Maybe have Lemmy come out and do a song with us. That would be cool actually.

10. Would you rather play a show with a band that doesn’t respect you or a band that you don’t respect?

A band we don’t respect. That way we have the fuel to go and blow them offstage and show them what’s up. They can see how a real band does it. Hah!

11. What’s the hardest part about being on tour?

Obviously being away from home for a long period of time. Living in such tight quarters with the same people day in day out. No privacy. It’s not for the thin skinned, that’s for sure.

12. Who is most likely to get caught in an awkward situation on stage?

Probably Scott. But he’ll involve us at times. There’s been a few instances where he’s went around stage and tried to kiss each member of the band. Haha. Don’t ask.

13. Would you rather sell a billion copies of an album that doesn’t mean anything personal to you or 100 copies of an album that means the world to you?

If I sold a billion copies of something, I’d be rich. Plain and simple. If its purpose was to sell that much, I’d think the accomplishment in succeeding is a reward in itself. I would have no qualms about writing a cheesy pop song or whatever, that means nothing to me, give it to some singer or group, and  have it blow up around the world.  With that said, I write all kinds of music for my own personal satisfaction. A lot of it, I have a great deal of personal attachment to.  I make this music strictly for myself. If I like it, that’s all I need. Obviously, it would be great if it was all heard by the masses, but if it isn’t, I don’t care. I do it for me.

14. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks for the interview! Pick up our new album “Live By the Code.”


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