HIM “Tears on Tape” Album Review

With the experience of seven albums worth of world-renowned music, HIM returns for an eighth triumph seeming as fresh and energetic as a band making their debut. Tears on Tape is perhaps one of the finest examples of the Finnish band’s unique prowess in creating metal music. HIM embraces their more pop friendly side on this album, which many would not expect to exist. Distorted guitars, dark lyrics and eerie synths are enough to scare away the faint of heart, but those who are brave can find an immensity of true beauty in this album.

The classic Love Metal songs are there for longtime fans to find comfort in. Songs like the title track, “Tears on Tape,” make sure of this. A lot of rock-n-roll influence is shown in songs like “All Lips Go Blue” and “Into The Night,” which may be some of the most dance-able HIM songs ever. HIM also embraces their seasoned creativity in effectively using reversed sounds and a myriad of synthesizers in melodic grooves that span genres that otherwise have no common ground. Vocalist Ville Valo emotively paints each song with his signature, impressive (putting it lightly) vocal range. He gives his vocal chords a stretch in the song “W.L.S.T.D..” Anyone could love this album, so get your heartagram and be ready to be moved.

-Paul W.





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