David & Olivia “On The Sea” EP Review

David Rosales met Olivia May at a Hollywood speakeasy; she stood there and shined as he watched her sing from the stage. Their EP, On The Sea, starts off with a song called “Every Now n’ Then (I Could Use a Friend),” which is a mellow song with perfectly timed strums of the guitar that flow well with the beats from the drums. David & Olivia can be compared to Sonny and Cher with this track, just with a hint of bluegrass. The lyrics are meaningful and go well with the music. I could see someone taking this song in a positive way and feeling better about themselves. “They couldn’t take me away, no I wouldn’t lie, cause my heart is yours and your heart is mine,” are some romantic lyrics from the next track, “Finally Fine.” These lyrics couldn’t be any more cute than they already are. “We’re fine, we’re finally fine” are just some more lyrics of the song that will make your heart melt. “Key to My Heart” follows and is a drop down type of song. It’s a little deeper in mood with powerful lyrics that go along with the rhythm of the song. This song also features a slide guitar, which gives the song life and makes it feel like you’re on an island. It would be a good track to listen to while relaxing on the beach on vacation. With powerful vocals from Olivia, her voice is the first thing you recognize in the next track from this great sounding album called “The Weather Change.” This track is another meaningful one off the EP. Olivia’s vocals are strong in that track; asking for support and faith from God, and that she won’t give up. On the second to last song, “UnNamed Love Song,” David sings with a raspy voice, which is unique, and the lyrics can be deciphered as having a positive meaning that love can be lost and be found again, and you should never just give up. “They say love can take on anything, they say love can conquer all;” these words can be applied to anyone who believes in love. David & Olivia just want to share meaningful lyrics with fans in hopes it will touch their heart. The EP closes off with a song called “Love Ain’t Easy.” The steel guitar plays throughout the background as David & Olivia sing to each other. Their vocals together flow so well and come together like two peas in a pod. This EP has many heartwarming lyrics that will make you feel better about love and even though it’s not always easy, if two people work on things together, it won’t be so bad.

Be sure to pick up their EP, On The Sea, on May 14th!

-Frankie V.

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