Stephen Krypel “Skin Deep (Thank You For The Lies)” EP Review

Back in February, I had the pleasure of listening to Stephen Krypel’s single, “Skin Deep,” and I was captivated by his talent as both a lyricist and vocalist. For those that don’t know Krypel’s work, his music is something similar to the angsty, gritty, alternative rock sounds of bands such as Medina Lake, Avion Roe, From First To Last, or Kill Hannah. I thoroughly enjoyed his mixture of catchy melodies, memorable choruses, and meaningful lyrics. His debut EP, Skin Deep (Thank You For The Lies), doesn’t disappoint.

Skin Deep (Thank You For The Lies), which was released on May 7th 2013, captures an array of amazing vocal performances and songwriting from the insanely talented Stephen Krypel. The EP kicks things off with the title track “Skin Deep,” which is all about escaping a bad situation, in which you feel trapped, to make your life better and let your inner beauty truly shine. It’s a song that showcases Krypel’s grade-A work as both a lyricist and as a musician. Awesome instrumentation, a hauntingly beautiful melody, and well-written lyrics, make for a good taste of what is to come later. “I W T D Y W T C A T C” comes next, starting off with some beautiful instrumentals and a sick beat. Krypel’s voice has a beautiful quivering, almost longing-like essence, which gives this rock ballad a very heartfelt, authentic feeling. Things speed up a bit with “Our Weight In Gold,” and at first listen it was almost reminiscent of Alkaline Trio. The song is a concoction of classic sounding riffs with pure emotion-filled vocals, chugging on solemnly and leaving you tapping and nodding along.  “Northshore Horror Story” showcases some spot-on drum fills and solid guitar paying. The vocals on this track were killer, delivering a slightly darker, but still buoyant melody. Things slow back down with “Something More,” my favorite off the EP. It starts off with a slow, harmonious keyboard element, and then erupts into the fuller alternative rock sound. The song is just oozing with emotion and musical technicality. Finally Skin Deep (Thank You For The Lies) wraps up with an acoustic track, “My Cause of Death.” “My Cause of Death” is raw and stripped down to the basic elements to reveal the unwavering strength of Krypel’s stellar vocals.

Skin Deep (Thank You For The Lies) delivers so much depth and emotion; it is truly a musical and lyrical tour de force. If Stephen Krypel continues to pump out these amazingly passionate, almost anthemic, tunes, he’s definitely going to go far in the industry. I highly recommend this EP for fans of Medina Lake, Avion Roe, Alkaline Trio, or just plain good, gritty alternative rock music.

-Lauren L.


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