Owel Album Review

The New York quintet Owel, had recently released their self-titled record which certainly came as a treat to the fans. The mixture of electronic and acoustic sounds on the record truly shows the groups diversity.

As the first track “Snowglobe” is introduced, I thought I would be listening to an Owl City inspired band, however, as the record went on I was proven wrong. This was only one of two tracks like it on the EP. I think this was a great way to open. The melody created at the start of the song  never fades throughout and helps make this track stand out from the others. The uses of electronics sets a tone for the album, which I think is relaxing and over all just feel-good music. Another track I feel stands out from the others is “Field Mouse” due to a few very interesting aspects; the track itself mostly consists of an acoustic guitar and bells which again, adds to the uniqueness of this album.

The flow of the album is one that pushes the listener along and before you know it, you’ve not stopped the album once! It’s like you’ve been caught in the trap of listening to the whole things without even noticing.

-Emma D.




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