Gemini Syndrome Interview

1.Introduce yourself with your name and role in the band. 

I’m Brian Steele Medina, & I drum for Gemini Syndrome.

2. When did the band form and where did the band name come from?

We’re from all over the place, but we all met and live in Los Angeles. Gemini represents duality.. “Syn” means to bring together, or simultaneous. Gemini, Syndrome.. It’s connecting our dualistic nature and becoming whole.. Connecting ourselves..

3. How do you feel your fan base has grown since you started out?

It’s growing in the best way possible.. Very organic and pure. We’ve been putting ourselves out there and touring all over the country. Most people hear about us word of mouth from a friend that saw us play live, and that’s definitely the way we like it.

4. In your “Pleasure And Pain” video, there are a lot of stones used as the words and symbols shown. Is there a reason behind the stones or was it more of just an effect? 

If you look at all great structures that have stood the test of time.. The pyramids, the coliseum, Stonehenge, they are all made of stone. Long after our metal and glass structures have dissolved into dust, those great structures will still be there, and their architects knew that when they designed them.

5. What equipment do you play and use? Are there any particular reasons for the choices?

I’ve been playing DW drums since I was a teenager. Their shells are tuned, & the hardware and mounting system is unparalleled.. I always put my drums first, so I always got what I considered to be the best. I feel the same about their pedals & hardware. As far as cymbals go, I’ve always been a Sabian guy. I’m into the paragon line now. It’s perfect for what I want out of a cymbal.

6. What’s your writing process like?

Gemini Syndrome has always been a collaborative effort. We each have diverse musical influences, which is why I believe our songs have such a wide reach and appeal.

7. When writing and recording songs, how do you know when they’re absolutely done and ready to put on the record. 

There’s no formula, and every song is different. We just treat every song like it’s alive, feed it and watch it grow.

8. What’s your favorite part about touring?

Experiencing all of the different places & people. It’s really quite remarkable how different we all are, yet how we all have the same things in common.

9. What do you find to be the hardest part about touring?

Being away from our families and loved ones.

10. How do you choose which songs to put on your setlist?

We want to take you on a full circle journey. We’ll start heavy, go through the whole cycle of emotions, and end even heavier than we started.

11. What’s your favorite song to play live?

I mean, that depends purely on what particular mood I happen to be in. Sometimes I really feel the energy of a song like “Take This.” Other days I can’t wait to beat my drums up to “Pleasure & Pain.”

12. What songs do your fans react to the most at shows?

All of them!

13. If you could have anything happen at a show, what would it be?

To summon aliens though our collective transfiguration.

14. What do you, as a band, stand for? Is there a message you try to get across to your fans?

Like I mentioned before, “Syn” means to bring together. Syndrome, syndicate, synners.. It’s all about reconciling our inherit duality, and reaching out emotional and spiritual potential.

15. Would you rather play a show with a band that doesn’t respect you or a band that you don’t respect?

Both sound equally awful.

16. Would you rather sell one billion copies of an album that doesn’t mean anything personal to you or 100 copies of an album that means the world to you?

100 copies of an album that means the world to me.

17. What’s worse: getting to a show late or messing up on stage?

I’ll let you know when one of those things happen.

18. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

We’re all very grateful to have the opportunity to share our art & our music and travel around the country playing shows. We look forward to converting more and more synners. “We are all one and the same.”


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