Famous Last Words “Two-Faced Charade” Album Review

Take synth-core, add in a bit of pop-punk catchiness, and you’ve got yourself Famous Last Words. Famous Last Words is a five piece hardcore band, hailing from Petoskey, Michigan, that is cranking out track after track of synth infused and pop-punk inspired metalcore songs. I got a chance to check out the band’s debut album, currently set to hit stores April 30th, and I was blown away by the grade-A production and instrumentation.

Two-Faced Charade is an in-your-face amalgamation of metalcore, symphonic production, melodic synth backings, and infectious pop-punk enthused choruses. The album opens with “Welcome To The Show”, which gives you a solid idea of what’s in store for later. The opening segments were phenomenally done with a great balance between catchiness and heavier riffs. “Victim Of The Virtuoso” follows the same formula as the opening track, combining the pop-punk sounding chorus parts with the more aggressive metalcore. The song is truly just a sampling of the top-notch musicianship and production found throughout the entire record. “The Relentless” kicks things off with a symphonic intro building up to an explosive combination of forceful screams and higher-pitched melodic clean vocals. Synth permeates the entire track, and at times it’s slightly erratic and a little distracting from the brilliant instrumentation taking place. “Lust Of The Lost” is definitely set to be a fan favorite, even if it lies on the poppier end of the spectrum. The epic guitar components and pitch-perfect clean vocals put the track over the top! “To Play Hide And Seek With Jealousy” is beautifully intricate and backed with some insane metalcore thrashing and a bastion of electronic effects, making it one of my favorites off the record. The final two tracks off Two-Faced Charade are “The Show Must Go On” part 1 and 2, an explosive finale for an amazing showcasing of music.

Famous Last Words knocked it out of the park with Two-Faced Charade, and they’ve definitely set the bar high for what’s to come next. These guys have something special with their dedication to blending melody with heavy-metalcore backdrop. With their spot-on mixture of metalcore drumming, synth-laden breakdowns, balanced clean and screaming vocals, and a breathtaking passion for their craft, Famous Last Words is headed for stardom. For a debut record, this is a hell of a good one, and I cannot wait to see more from these guys. Be sure to catch Famous Last Words out on the Generation Now Tour with Crown The Empire and Capture The Crown and pick up Two-Faced Charades in stores April 30th.

-Lauren L.

Tour Dates:

May 02 Emmet County Fairgrounds Petoskey, MI

May 07 Frankies w/ Crown The Empire Toledo, OH

May 08 The Veron Club w/ Crown The Empire Louisville, KY

May 09 The 7 Venue w/ Crown The Empire Douglasville, GA

May 10 The Local 662 w/ Crown The Empire St Petersburg, FL

May 11 The Speakeasy w/ Crown The Empire Lake Worth, FL

May 12 The Social w/ Crown The Empire Orlando, FL

May 14 Greene Street Club w/ Crown The Empire Greensboro, NC

May 15 Kingdom w/ Crown The Empire Richmond, VA

May 16 Empire w/ Crown The Empire Springfield, VA

May 17 Chameleon Club w/ Crown The Empire Lancaster, PA

May 20 Waiting Room w/ Crown The Empire Buffalo, NY

May 22 Altar Bar w/ Crown The Empire Pittsburgh, PA

May 23 The Basement w/ Crown The Empire Columbus, OH

May 24 FUBAR w/ Crown The Empire St Louis, MO

May 25 NWA Showcase Theater w/ Crown The Empire Fayetteville, AR

May 26 The Conservatory w/ Crown The Empire Oklahoma City, OK



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