Young Statues “Age Isn’t Ours” EP Review

Have you ever felt grounded in a dull state of reality? With one of the most uplifting EP’s of 2013 so far, Young Statues will help you soar! From the first strums of the crystal clear guitars, Age Isn’t Ours invites the listener to pick up their head and pay close attention. The first two tracks, “Eraser” and “So You Wait,” have as much energy as the best modern pop punk bands but keep the positive vibe of a wide-eyed indie group. The next two tracks, “Ghost Passenger” and “Hung Me Out to Dry,” come with strong lyrics that confirm this band to be a real contender for the hearts of those who want to sing along.

The album ends on notes rooted in a strong rock n’ roll influence with a gingerly touch of folk. “My Only Friend” and “Foolish” are arguably the more diverse tracks but maintain the overall positivity of the EP. Young Statues have really pushed the boundaries of sound quality, confident performance, and pop-sensible style to show that music is still growing after all these years and there are still new, glorious days to be had listening to it. Age Isn’t Ours has six tracks and each of them is a high point just waiting to be a fan favorite. Pick it up so it can pick you up!

-Paul W.


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