April 17, 2013 – Los Angeles, CA – Avant-garde, heavy rock band IWRESTLEDABEARONCE, in partnership with Alternative Press, has announced the release of a new limited edition t-shirt to raise donations and awareness for the LGBT advocacy organization GLAAD.  All proceeds from the shirt will be donated directly to GLAAD with additional contributions from Alternative Press.
Purchase IWRESTLEDABEARONCE’s GLAAD t-shirt now at http://iwabostore.com/
IWRESTLEDABEARONCE is an outspoken supporter of equality for all people and GLAAD’s grassroots promotion of understanding, acceptance and advancement in the LGBT community.
Watch a special video message from guitarist Steven Bradley here: 
“Our band has one simple message to spread – keep an open mind and be accepting of people and ideas which might seem different to you,” Bradley adds.  “In keeping with that message, we are very happy to announce this exclusive shirt design with 100% of the profits being donated directly to GLAAD. We feel that everyone out there has the right to be happy, and that you should not be discriminated against because of your sexuality.  We’d also love to remind people that just because you’re heterosexual, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore the issue of LGBT rights.  Human history is riddled with examples of extreme prejudice against people and ideas that others simply do not understand, and we’re passionate about spreading the message that just because you don’t agree with or understand somebody, that doesn’t immediately, make them wrong.  Homophobia belongs on the same list as other vile concepts like racism and sexism, and we need to do all we can to eradicate them from our world.”
Support equality for all by purchasing the new limited edition t-shirt and keep up with IWRESTLEDABEARONCE at https://www.facebook.com/iwrestledabearonce.
For More Information:

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