MenoPaws EP Review

MenoPaws is a punk / hardcore band from South Jersey. Zach does vocals, Jay plays the guitar, Shawn on bass and Chris on drums. They’ve played several shows around locally and non-local. They’re about to head out on tour (the dates can be found below). MenoPaws is a unique sounding band. They strive to be different than most local bands from their hometown and beyond.

The self-titled EP I had the pleasure of reviewing is definitely something you should totally check. It starts off with a song called “Starting Over” which features heavy strumming and fast-paced beats. Zach’s vocals sound perfectly raunchy on this track. Most hardcore kids will definitely enjoy them along with the heavy guitar riffs which will allow them to two-step in the mosh pit. “And maybe we can start this over, and maybe we can work this out.” Zach screams it out as the fast-paced beats blend well with the melodies of the raunchy guitar strums. “Moving Away From The Exits” is the song that follows “Starting Over.” There’s a bit of a different intro to this song; it’s a little mellow and blends into the guitar strums and hard hits on the drums. It will definitely make you want to dance if not just tap your foot to the beat of the kick drums. “Scum Life” is after and picks up the pace with a fast beat following the strums of the guitar. As the bass guitar pairs up with the kick this song will definitely make you want to move around. “Wasted Nights” closes out the EP for MenoPaws and it’s a little more melodic. With a fast beat and a melodic guitar strum, Zach’s vocals come in and flows perfectly with the strums and beats. This band has potential to become big in the scene. You should totally give them a chance.

For Fans of: Gallows, Alexisonfire (Check out those bands as well as MenoPaws)

-Frankie V.

Catch them on tour at the dates below and visit their social media sites:

 4/27 – Warren, NJ @ Warren American Legion

5/7 – Atlantic City, NJ @ Boneyard

5/19 – Knoxville, TN @ Longbranch Saloon

5/20 – Hamtramck, MI @ Paychecks Lounge

5/21 – Canton, OH @ Buzzbin Art & Music Shop

5/22 – Buffalo, NY @ Broadway Joes

5/23 – Philadelphia, PA @ JR’s Bar

5/24 – Atlantic City, NJ @ Fromage

6/4 – Forked River, NJ @ KOC Hall

6/22 – New York, NY @ Punk Island


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