Anberlin Tour de Vital Set Review

Before seeing Anberlin on their Tour de Vital, I had never seen them in concert. I had some of their music and loved their sound. They have a sometimes very heavy sound but also very raw. Going to this show, I didn’t really know what to expect. I thought that it would be like any other show I go to, but I was pleasantly shocked. As soon as Anberlin took the stage, the energy in the room lifted. Everyone was singing and dancing along to the songs. There was an immediate connection with the band and the crowd right off the bat. As the show went on, the crowd just kept getting better and better. It was one of the best crowds I had seen. Almost everyone knew all the words, and even if you didn’t, you did not feel left out. I was never bored for a second of the show even though I only knew some of their music. Anberlin did an incredible job of attracting the whole crowd. They would toss the mic to the audience and even point out little things that fans were doing during their set.

I found that the bands sound was extremely great live, as well. You could hear each instrument executed perfectly during each song. Each band member had their own special part and they really cared about how they played for the audience. The lead singer, Stephen Christian, had a very strong and raw voice, which I thought really made the music feel like it was their own kind. From listening to previous records and their newest one I picked up at the show, I heard the same sound in the recorded and live version. I felt that when I popped the CD on in my car, I was at the show again. Anberlin did in excellent job with executing their music, drawing the fans in and just having a great time on stage. I would recommend catching them on the second leg of their American tour this spring!

-Chelsea F.


Tour Dates:

4/11 – Lancaster, PA

4/12 – Poughkeepsie, NY

4/15 – Quebec City, QC*

4/16 – Montreal, QC*

4/17 – Ottawa, ON

4/18 – Toronto, ON

4/19 – London, ON

4/20 – Lansing, MI

4/22 – Milwaukee, WI

4/23 – Minneapolis, MN

4/24 – Winnipeg, MB

4/25 – Saskatoon, SK

4/26 – Calgary, AB

4/27 – Edmonton, AB

4/29 – Vancouver, BC

*no Make Do & Mend


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