RadioDriveBy “MMXIII” Review

Arizona has been a powerhouse for producing up-and-coming bands lately. The Maine, Anarbor, The Summer Set, and RadioDriveBy all call this state their home. RadioDriveBy, an alternative pop-punk band consisting of Trent Clark, Adam Simons, Austin Gavin, David Glosser, and Evan Yuen, may be a newcomer to this list, but they’re definitively making a name for themselves. Their band has progressed greatly since its early beginnings in 2009, forming a distinct sound in their three song Spring sampler MMXII. MMXII is the Roman numeral form of the current year, 2013, and hints that this will be a great year for RadioDriveBy.

“Tied Up” is a little sassy and very catchy with a great chorus and bridge. The feel to the song is familiar, but there’s something to it that’s quite individual as well. “One You Want” includes some awesome guitar moments. “Hold On To Me” describes that existential mess of a feeling you get when you realize your days only include going through the repetitive motions of living without any changes or achievements. The band references their home state, Arizona, when the lyrics describe the 202. Rather than accept the repetitiveness of life, the band members struggle to change it up and prove themselves different. Listen to a lyric video of the song here:

You can download the FREE Spring Sampler on their website, and keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to see what’s next for the boys.

-Kanitta K.

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