Alkaline Trio ‘Agony and Irony’ 2XLP (Deluxe Edition) To Be Released June 4

On June 4, Agony & Irony, the sixth studio LP from beloved Illinois punks Alkaline Trio, will be available on vinyl as a 2XLP triple panel gatefold, with a 16-page music sheet/lyric booklet included, via Shop Radio Cast. Originally released through Epic Records in July of 2008, the album found the band setting out to record, according to vocalist and guitarist Matt Skiba, “an anthemic hard rock record.”

Pre-order at:

Price: $27.99

Release Date: June 4, 2013

Vinyl Info:

– Lacquers created by Lucky Lacquers

– Triple Panel Reverse Cardboard Gatefold

– 16 Page Music Sheet/Lyric Booklet

– 13×13 3 Mil Premium Poly Sleeve

Vinyl Color: 180 Gram Black (LTD 1,500), Red (LTD 500)

Track Listing

Calling All Skeletons

Help Me

In Vein

Over And Out

I Found Away

Do You Wanna Know?

Live Young, Die Fast

Love Love, Kiss Kiss

Lost And Rendered

Ruin It

Into The Night

In My Stomach

Maybe I’ll Catch Fire (Acoustic)

Live Young, Die Fast (Acoustic)

Into The Night (Acoustic)

Over and Out (Acoustic)

Lost and Rendered (Acoustic)

Burned Is The House


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