Celldweller Releases Free 60 Minute DJ Mix

April 3rd, 2013 – Detroit, MI – Pioneering EDM producer/artist Celldweller has released a FREE 60 Minute DJ Mix featuring some of his own productions and mash-ups along with Celldweller remixes from other great artists as well as some of the newest and coolest tracks Klayton (Celldweller) could find. Download the mix below!

Celldweller – Cellout (Winter 2012 DJ Mix)

1. Celldweller – The Complete Cellout

2. Faith No More – Epic (Synchronice Remix)

3. Tristan Garner – Digital Rocker

4. Culprate – Diablo

5. Celldweller – Tainted (DJ Set)

6. Skism – Experts

7. Hirshee & Sue Cho – Hold On To Love (KillaGraham Remix)

8. Emma Hewitt – Rewind (KATFYR Remix)

9. Josh Money – Let Go With You (Drivepilot Remix)

10. Adventure Club feat. Krewella – Rise And Fall (At Dawn We Rage Remix)

11. Celldweller – Louder Than Words (Bare Remix)

12. Miss Murder’s Personal Jesus (Celldweller Klash-Up)

13. AFI – Miss Murder

14. Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus

15. Schoolboy – Aftershock

16. Icona Pop – I Love It (Case & Point Bootleg)

17. Celldweller – Frozen (DJ Set)

18. Tommy Noble & Celldweller – Meteorite

19. Kill The Noise – Thumbs Up (Dub Mix)

20. Doctor P – Flying Spaghetti Monster

21. Documenet One – Body Pump (D is for Document One)

22. Protohype – Vile (Rekoil Remix)

23. Zomboy – Nuclear (Hands Up)

24. Mediks & Texas – Fast Lane

25. Netsky – We Can Only Live Today (Puppy) feat. Billie (Camo & Krooked Remix)



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About Celldweller:

Klayton is Celldweller. Personifying the sound of the iPod generation, he creates a hybrid fusion of digital and organic elements: intricately designed soundscapes constructed from Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Electro, woven together with aggressive Rock/Metal and Orchestral elements. Celldweller ignores genre boundaries and creates a pioneering vision of the future of electronic music.



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