The Bunny The Bear “Stories” Album Review

Descendants of Buffalo, New York, The Bunny The Bear are an extremely unique blend of hardcore, electronic, and metal duo group who will be releasing their fourth album (third through Victory Records), Stories, on April 16th 2013. This album starts off with “Eating Disorder” which begins slowly, then transitions into the classic electronic sound of The Bunny The Bear, making you want to rage to the unclean vocals of Matthew Tybor, “The Bunny,” and dance to the clean vocals of Chris Hutka, “The Bear.”

The Bunny The Bear is out for blood and promises to rip your ears a new one with their new album. Song to song, page to page, Stories is consistently satisfying. With each song having the perfect balance of clean and unclean vocals as well as catchy beats, the album has a song for every mood. The premier released single from their upcoming album, “In Like Flynn,” gives a great preview of what to expect from the full album, combining great lyrics, awesome voices, and all together fantastic music. “The Frog,” another pre-released song, features Matt McGinley of Gym Class Heroes on drums. Stories is a refreshing break from the stereotypical generic hardcore genre, which still has all of the components for Class A music, but omitting unneeded breakdowns. This 11 song album contains songs that you will want to play for hours at a time.

Make sure you don’t miss The Bunny The Bear on tour with Deception Of A Ghost throughout April and May. I’m sure the songs from the new album will sound great live, and I feel that with the release of Stories, The Bunny The Bear are about to blow up and share sexy time with the entire world.

-Sarah W.


One response to “The Bunny The Bear “Stories” Album Review

  1. Josh April 6, 2013 at 5:50 AM

    Wpuld it be possible for me to receive the tracks, I am looking to do a review on my website? I understand if I can’t, but email is

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