Transit “Young New England” Album Review


Hailing from Boston Massachusetts, this band has been putting out amazing songs with every album they record. Young New England starts off with “Nothing Lasts Forever.” It’s catchy, fast-paced, and melodic. Every album that Transit ever released has been nothing but amazing. The track “Young New England” is made up of catchy lyrics like: “If you’re too drunk to walk along the streets of cobblestone you know Boston never drinks alone.”  It’s touched the hearts of many kids all over the United States and beyond. They’ve held on to the catchy hooks they are known for. Kids all over shout the lyrics at the top of their lungs with the most passion I have ever seen. “Sleep” is another song I enjoy. It has a good blend of guitar melodies and lyrics. It’s definitely going to be a crowd favorite when played live while they’re on tour.  “Weathered Souls” brings the old sound and style used on their previous full length that they released called Listen & Forgive. Grow up, go on but don’t be forgotten, this album is definitely going to be a top album for 2013 for me.

  Transit is made up of a group of very talented musicians. I definitely recommend checking out Young New England by Transit, but if it’s your first time listening I highly suggest you purchase Listen & Forgive also.  This album is as close to perfect as one band can get! They won’t disappoint you with any previous release or anything that’s planned for the future. “Hang It Up” is another track to check out but don’t slow it down, turn it up and enjoy. This album is one of my favorite newer albums being released. The songs flow nicely from one to the next, making this album one that you can listen to from front to back. With that being said, no songs on this album are alike. Each song has an amazing sound and style and I highly recommend picking this album up.

For Fans of : The Story So Far, The Wonder Years, Turnover, Misser, Long Lost, and The American Scene. I highly recommend you to check out those bands I mentioned too, you won’t regret it.

Catch them on the North American Tour April 5th to May 17th coming to a city near you.

Pick up “Young New England “here:

 -Frankie V.


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