The Story So Far “What You Don’t See” Album Review

What you don’t see is how amazing this band is, hailing from Walnut Creek California. One of the tracks off of What You Don’t See is “Small Talk.” This song is fast-paced and has lots of catchy lyrics packed in. The guitar riffs are raunchy and drum beats flow perfectly with each part of the song. “Right Here” is another song that follows as the album progresses. I’ve selected the songs that stood out most to me and this song is definitely one of my favorites from this album. All I really want to do is stay right here, right now, and listen to this album over and over. Each track has a different style, making this an album to be played from the beginning to the end without skipping a song. Right after that track is my favorite song off the album. It’s called “Empty Space” and it’s definitely a very catchy song. It will make you tap your toes while singing back the lyrics when you are listening to it. It’s packed with catchy lines that seem to easily get stuck in your mind. With that being said, you might even recite lyrics from What You Don’t See when you least expect it.

The Story So Far have been able to write and record songs that everyone across the United States enjoy as well as other countries. Another song to check out is “All Wrong.” It has the potential to be a popular song off the album. It brings the sound from Under Soil and Dirt to life just with a more mature level. This record will be a top album for me and I highly recommend that you purchase this album as well as Under Soil and Dirt. “Framework” is another great song off What You Don’t See that has the same sound as some tracks of their previous full lengths.

For Fans of: The Wonder Years, Major League, Forever Came Calling, Handguns, Post Season, Giants at Large, With The Punches, and Last Call (I highly recommend you check those bands out too, you won’t regret it)

Catch them on The Suppy Nation tour featuring: The American Scene, Tonight Alive, Citizen and Man Overboard

-Frankie V.

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