TAUK “Homunculus” Album Review

This album kicks off with a triply track, “Dead Signal,” which is energetic and has powerful guitar riffs that will definitely make you want to dance. If you like techno/rave/house music, this band is definitely for you! The instrumentals just blend so well together, making you want to get on your feet and dance. “Afro-Tonic” follows and is probably the most melodic song off the album. This song is definitely a groovy track. Listen to it if you’re into soft, beach music, that would be perfect in the breeze. It’s soft on the ears and sounds awesome even if you are using simple speakers. Just imagine this album being played over some Dolby Surround Sound speakers or through speakers with the Beats Technology. This album will sound crisp and soothing to the ear.

Homunculus is filled with pretty amazing instrumentals well blended together. I could play this just relaxing at home or on vacation. I definitely give this album a 9 out of 10 even though it’s mainly instrumentals. The musicians worked hard to write and record this. I highly suggest purchasing this on taukband.com. You can get the album free on there but I highly recommend purchasing this awesome instrumental album to help them cover the recording costs.

-Frankie V.





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