Austin St. Jean Interview

1. Introduce yourself with your name and a fun fact about you.

Yo yo yo, my name is St. Jean and my mom makes dope ass cupcakes.

2. How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you before?

I’d say that my music is extremely different every song you hear. You never know what to expect. It could one minute be upbeat dubstep hip hop and then turn into some orchestral pop rock rap! Expect the unexpected when listening to my music.

3. Who or what inspired you to get into writing and performing?

Writing was in my sophomore year of high school just writing funny songs with friends and then realizing I could spit some dopeness. Haha. As for performing I really gained confidence through my music and performing was an awesome way to express all the feelings of the music. I love theatrical performances. A deaf individual should know the vibe of a song through your delivery and attitude in a performance.

4. You just released a new music for your song “Daddy Issues.” What was it like filming on the set? Was that really your mom in the beginning of the video?

Filming was so fun. All the people that worked on the video were friends. We are starting a really dope team for being unsigned. Ryan Elliott is killer on the videos and is very passionate about it. So the set was like just chilling with your best friends. Laughing, partying, and having a kick ass time. As for the woman in the video, yeah that was my actually mom. She’s an amazing supportive person to my music and a hero of mine.

5. Would you say writing songs is the best way to relieve stress or anger for you?

At times yes! I usually like positive messages in positive vibes in my songs. I’m not an angry person. I’m the guy that farts during tests to make everyone laugh. When it comes to anger, I build it up. So when I write my anger, it explodes. For instance my song “Sympathy’s Symphony” which we are in the process of shooting the video for. That is my anger side.

6. What’s the meaning behind holding your middle finger and pinky up? Where did it come from?

Okay hold on to something. Here we go! When I was 17 I started thinking I needed a way to represent my movement. I started throwing up different fingers and pondering my thoughts when I came up with something. R.I.T.S. (Rest In The Sky) Meaning you work, you keep working, you never give up. You don’t sleep, theres no time for that. That one minute of rest could make you lose your opportunity. So with that said you work countless hours and you can rest in the sky above everything. So as we all know Ritz is a classy word. It’s like luxury. So R.I.T.S. was the same for me. I’m a classy individual. Your middle finger goes up because you don’t give a fuck. Your pinky follows because you have to put your pinky up to “stay classy”. I know… mind boggling. Haha.

7. If you were to headline a tour, who would you like to open for you?

Oh god, I don’t know where to start! But if I had to pick one person right now to make a dope ass tour I’d have to have pick Machine Gun Kelly. I actually just opened for him on March 23. It was super dope and wild!

8. Which song from the Rest In The Sky EP are you most proud of?

Honestly, I can’t pick one! I loved the whole entire EP and I’m proud of all of them! They are all my children!!

9. When writing and recording songs, how do you know when they’re absolutely done and ready to put on the record?

You just know! There’s a certain feeling you get when you’re just like “yep this is it” haha.

10. What do you want fans to gain from your music?

I want fans to understand that you can do anything you want. I’m a fucking dreamer. Everyone always told me that rapping as a white kid from the suburbs and not having a bad come up in life was not going to work. Fuck that. I have a story just as much as every person in this world does. I want my fans to know that we all dream, and if you believe and work hard for that dream it will be reality! On top of all that I want them to put those middle fingers and pinky’s up and stay classy. 😉

11. Do you think it was harder or easier than you thought to get started in the music industry?

It honestly was pretty easy. It was a step by step process. I love making music and writing so it’s just like I creeped into the industry! Now my music is selling on iTunes!

12. What’s the next step for you?

Well actually my producer/best friend Joel Faviere is coming back from tour at the beginning of the summer and we are starting my full length album! After that is released I would really love to go on my first tour! It’d be another dream come true thus far in life! As for my biggest step though I’m going to keep writing, keep loving, and keep living.


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