WVM “The End Is Only The Beginning” EP Review

Do you like electro? Do you like industrial rock? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, then you need to check out up and coming artist, WVM. WVM creates a beautiful amalgamation of 80’s electro pop sound with edgy, alternative rock. Combining the best of electronics with grade-A instrumentation, this is the kind of stuff you might expect to hear at an alterna-goth/new wave dance club or possibly off a sci-fi/horror film soundtrack. WVM aka David Alvarez acts as captain and crew on this one man-musical ship, managing everything from production design to musical arrangement. His meticulous efforts to oversee nearly every aspect of his debut EP The End Is Only The Beginning has allowed WVM to capture a sound, encapsulating vintage electronica with dark melodic hooks, that is unique and accessible to a wide array of fans.

While WVM stands at the helm of this ambitious project, that is not to say he is completely alone in the effort. The End Is Only The Beginning features work from various former Nine Inch Nails members, including Josh Freese, Chris Vrenna, and widely known producer/mixer Sean Beavan. The EP kicks off with the song, “The Echoing,” which provides a pretty good taste for what is to come. It showcases some exceptional drum tracks and lingering vocals, making for a good blend of contemporary and old-school styles. “When Universes Collide” is all about the amazing drumming from legendary, Josh Freese. Its catchy chorus and melodic vocal layering adds another great element to the mix. “Black Sun” featuring Chris Vrenna is easily my favorite track off The End Is Only The Beginning, and it kicks the EP into full gear with some fiery synth, hauntingly beautiful vocals, and some heavy bass. “For A Better Tomorrow” is probably the most 80’s electro-pop sounding off the EP, reminiscent of Ultravox, Gary Numan, or Depeche Mode. The End Is Only The Beginning closes with “Escapism,” again featuring drumming from Josh Freese that is nothing less than superb. “Escapism” is an elaborately textured musical mixture, and it is easy to hear the Nine Inch Nails influences in it. The soaring instrumental components make this an impressive and dynamic track.

Even with huge, iconic names attached to the EP, WVM’s attention to production is what makes The End Is Only The Beginning so great. Every musical ingredient is carefully polished and perfected, creating some delectable, dance-floor ready tracks. WVM is a force to watch out for, and I strongly encourage you to give The End Is Only The Beginning a listen.  This is for, but not limited to, fans of Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Gary Numan, Ultravox, Bauhaus, Depeche Mode, or The Human League.

-Lauren L.



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