Tidewater “The Wedding” Album Review

It’s always fantastic to be reminded of the joys in life. Tidewater’s appropriately named album, The Wedding, is a stunning example of this fact. From the first, thunderous orchestral hit to enter your ears, this album mesmerizes you for ten songs of nonstop expression of the most pleasant variety. The listener is attacked from every side with complex layers of organic and electronic instrumentation that never fails to add a shade to the immaculately colorful songs. You never know what instrument will drive the melody of the song, and half of the fun is losing it within all of the harmonies and unexpected complimentary parts.

While all of the songs take on their own messages, the most recurring theme is the expression of love. Sometimes, this is directed at a particular person, such as in the endearing track, “I Will Always Love You.” At other times, the emotion is expressed toward the adventure of life itself, such as in the blissfully fun, “The Beautiful Life.” The feeling of the album is highly consistent despite Tidewater’s versatile touches to both lyrics and instrumentation. In the end, this feeling is summarized elegantly in the final song, “Wedding Day.” The Wedding is a refreshingly beautiful album for anyone who has found, or dreams of finding, true happiness in the expression of love.

-Paul W.



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