Tear Out The Heart “Violence” Album Review

Tear Out The Heart is a five piece Metalcore band from Saint Louis, Missouri and Los Angeles, California. They are made up of Tyler Konersman on vocals, Josh Spohr and Matthieu Murphy on guitar, Isaac Etter on bass as well as vocals and Matt Epstein on the drums. They formed in 2011 and signed an excellent deal with Victory Records in 2012. With the coming of their new album titled Violence, which is being released on March 19th, 2013, their career as an uprising metalcore band has never looked so promising.

Violence has a mix of melodic synth, hard bass, mind blowing guitar riffs and great lyrics. They pull together the cleans with the screams in a manner that is extremely brilliant. The choruses in each and every song are very catchy so that they’ll be stuck in your head for days on end. Caleb Shomo, former vocalist of Attack Attack! and current vocalist for Beartooth, produced the album, as well as being featured on the song “Undead Anthem.” Also, Dan Marsala from Story Of The Year has guest vocals on “Coffin Eyes.” The lyrics in some songs are intimidating and unnerving, but then they take a total different spin throughout the choruses and they sound soothing and calm. Yes, it sounds a little odd, but Tear Out The Heart makes this sound and look easy to do.

Currently, they are not on tour, but from the success that I know will be reached with this album, there’s no doubt in my mind, or any other fans mind, that they will land a headlining tour anytime soon. The only event as of now that they have planned is the Violence release party and show. It is being held in Sauget, Illinois and the venue was recently changed to “Pop’s Concert Venue”. If you live around this area or would be able to travel and make it out there, you won’t regret it. This band is most definitely worth seeing live! Tear Out The Heart say that playing live is one of the best ways to communicate with their fans in a way that they all love doing and expressing.

Tear Out The Heart had formed through their love and passion for music and when being in a room sharing their positive musical energy, everything came together. They claim that their “inception” for the band was that there are in no way any weak links. They feel like once they step on stage, practice and even record, that everything just clicks for them. That’s when they decided that this band was practically meant to happen. They plan to release their own full debut album in 2013, so keep your eyes peeled for it. Tear Out The Heart has already left their mark on the Metalcore genre and them and their fans have nothing but hope and faith in the future for this band and can’t wait for them to take their next steps into even more success. There is only uphill for Tear Out The Heart, so be ready!

-Desirae B.


2 responses to “Tear Out The Heart “Violence” Album Review

  1. Kieler March 21, 2013 at 5:26 PM

    They have a tour planned, not just the release party. The tour starts 3/22 in Alton, IL

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