Savant Releases Much Anticipated EP ♥

March 18, 2013 – After a three month commercial hiatus, Savant returns to the to charts with the drop of his 6th release on SectionZ Records, ♥, or Heart, as it will be listed on Beatport.

Featuring 5 original tracks, ♥ showcases Savant’s trademark mix of distorted basslines, bouncy leads, and pumping drums with Bach-like harpsichord parts and 8-bit game sounds.

Buy your copy of ♥ Here

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About Savant:

Norwegian musician and producer Aleksander Vinter, aka Savant, has a long history experimenting with sound, from playing a Yamaha electric organ at age 4 to composing music with such computer programs as eJay and FastTracker. With no formal musical training, he discovered an uncanny ability to spontaneously imagine and then compose original music, oftentimes writing and finishing up to an astonishing 3 songs per day; his personal catalog exceeds 10,000, and he’s only 25. As impressive as his output is his diversity, his Soundcloud page filled with 99 unique songs, from the classical ‘_Obscurite_’ to the 70’s soundtrack styles of ‘The Christopher Walkens’ to the electro-metal ‘Overkill’ and super-bass-filled, Glitch Hop ‘Shake the Room’. Much of his music is created using unlikely instruments and production; ‘Sledgehammer’, other than the drums, is created using a vintage monophonic Moog Voyageur. His incredible talent, energy, focus, and musical skill has made Savant an artist that transcends genres.


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