Doe Eye “Hotel Fire” EP Review

From the first seconds of the Hotel Fire EP, the eclectically effected guitar intrigued me. I was not disappointed in the slightest with the following six songs by Maryam Qudus, AKA, Doe Eye. Starting out with “Oh My God,” a song that builds with restless energy, Doe Eye displays a taste of the fantastically stylized music that will keep you guessing until the very end. With the title track, a distorted bass line introduction leads you to expect that you’ve stumbled onto an industrial rock track, but the creeping orchestral arrangements and lo-fi drumming keep you suspended in a nightmarish dream pop. At times, the only clarity to hold onto would be Doe Eye’s cool, controlled vocals. Feel free to let go, however. It’s a trip worth taking. What’s really impressive about the EP is how Doe Eye manages to incorporate elements of classical music with a dark, beautiful take on dream pop that’s unhinged in experimental bliss.

With such an untamable style, each song can have its own distinct identity while being able to flow together in a way that feels right. Take, for example, the two middle tracks. While “Falling Up” is an ethereal flight that remains lighthearted despite heavily introspective lyric content, “Drive,” is an empty, sad song that explodes into a transcendental masterpiece. After the inspirational anthem of “1990,” that could lift any spirit, the album closes on a strikingly honest note. The song “Run Across The City,” paints such an unexpectedly yet appropriately stagnant portrait. From beginning to end, Doe Eye will have you immersed in such a collection of sounds that could only be brought together with expert intention. Hotel Fire is a must-have EP for fans of anything outside of bland.

-Paul W.

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