Halfway to Hollywood “Party Like It’s Prom Night” EP Review

Canadian band Halfway to Hollywood released Party Like It’s Prom Night, the band’s second EP, on March 1st. Grant, Brenden, and Roman, have done an excellent job creating an EP that maintains their style and flows nicely, allowing each song to stand out uniquely.
A minute and twelve seconds into the EP’s title song, “Party Like It’s Prom Night,” I realized I was smiling and bopping my head to the catchy pop song without even knowing it.  It’s the kind of song that will get you pumped to go out even if you think you just want to nap.  “Green Lights” gives the same kind of feel; it’s one of those songs that just make you appreciate the excitement of life.
“Unbelievable” is super cheesy in the best way possible. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be told that they’re “better than ice cream?”  Ice cream is pretty great; so is Halfway to Hollywood’s cute love song.
“Somebody to Someone” hits deep. It relates to anyone who has ever felt a little empty, left out, or just alone. Speaking directly to the listeners, the band leaves the message that there is always someone who cares about you.
In “To Yesterday,” the band reminisces about their past. Anyone feeling a little nostalgic about not being a kid anymore will definitely appreciate this song.
The EP ends in a beautiful acoustic version of “Unbelievable.” I favor this one more than the original version, although both are good; it is definitely a great last song.
I know I’m definitely excited to see what’s up next from Halfway to Hollywood.  This is a great sample of what’s to come from this band, and they are definitely three guys you will be hearing more about in the future.
-Kanitta K.

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