Savant Releases Video for ‘Ism’ Track ‘Ghetto Blastah’

Featuring, to paraphrase DJZ’s Josh Bennett, “high-tech b-boys (and) sick dance moves encapsulated in a futuristic world where sound waves and body movements generate various visual phenomena”, the video is a slick production synced to Savant’s trademark bass-heavy beats and symphonic harpsichord composition.

Download a copy of Ghetto Blastah HERE

Video Credits:
Video by Component Prod.
Visual Department:
Direction, editing, camera, special fx, drudger: Andrea Barracu
Assistant: Il Genna
Director assistant, script: Daniele Cardosa
Editing assistant: Giacomo Gagliano


Fabio “kora” Minelli
Stefano Regolo
Andrea Cerretani
Nicol Carmellini
Luca del Fa
Francisco Panconi
Filippo Chini
Stefano bralia

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