Ballyhoo! “Marijuana Laws” with FREE Download

Download for free here!

“I wrote “Marijuana Laws” because I think it’s just dumb that people can get in trouble for smoking or possessing weed. The other guys in my band are the big enthusiasts, I smoke on occasion, but over the last few years I’ve had friends get busted for it and I can’t help but be disgusted. So much time, energy and money is wasted. I felt like writing about it and it ended up being pretty catchy and fun.

Some states are already making things happen as far as reform and I hope it just snowballs from here. We live in a new world with science and conciousness and there’s just no reason to enforce the propaganda that started 100 years ago. I believe that marijuana is a resource that does great things for sick people, physically and mentally, and if someone wants to use it for recreation, I’ll take that over pharmaceuticals any day.”


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