The Drama State “Stories” Album Review

If you enjoy pop lyrics intertwined with awesome instrumentation, then you need to check out the Indiana pop-rock band, The Drama State. After overcoming a number of personal and financial hardships and a name and line-up change, these boys are back and ready for action. Over the past year, they have experienced tremendous growth and are eager to show it off in their debut album, Stories.  With a sound reminiscent of Brand New, The Starting Line, or Bayside, Stories is an album that will definitely leave you singing and jumping along.

With Stories the guys in The Drama State have stepped up their game both instrumentally and lyrically, evoking a wide array of emotions.  The record opens with “If Your Left Ear Itches,” which is super catchy lyrically and melodically.  Its shimmering moments were definitely the amazing guitar and drum solos. “Go Cry About It,” one of the more angsty songs of the album, captures some more of the band’s great instrumentation, with some kick-ass guitar and a solid bass lines. Arguably the best track off Stories, “Don’t Make Me Emo, You Won’t Like Me When I’m Emo” breaks away into a more pop-punky sound, almost reminiscent of an early Fall Out Boy. The track features vocal performances from Chad Lehr, which adds another great element to the song. It’s bouncy and catchy, and it will definitely leave you smiling. The album closes with its title track, “Stories,” slowing things down a bit. It closes out the record with some soaring, well-crafted instrumentation and thoughtful lyrics.

If you love catchy, fun pop-rock, then you will enjoy Stories. The Drama State has truly proven their ability to craft well-composed, energetic rock music, which is sure to gain them a strong following. With catchy lyrics and even catchier melodies, Stories is pop-rock perfection.  I’m eager to see where The Drama State heads next!

-Lauren L.


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